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Raon-l'Étape, France
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Robin Sports Center Hall

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Transform the box according to events or seasons

River running in the valley of the Plaine near the town center

Next to the various buildings, the shape of the frame is based on the lean-to and utilitarian buildings in the vicinity. The roof inclination of the Sports Center is the same as the nearby petanque club’s forming a harmonious whole.

The wood and the metal sheets are all from local origin. The gradual evolution of those perishable materials will change the outside aspect of the whole building. The wood will turn gray and the metal sheets orange. The façades will bear the mark of time.

The roofing is of an average height of 4,5 meter. A white lacquered steel frame covered with thin strips glued together supports it. Small metallic poles on the other three sides maintain a large wooden cantilever portico. A waterproof layer made of steel tanks on the roof and of polycarbonate and larch sheets over the entire upper part of the building. The façade is covered with wooden lath to shield it from wind and sun. The lower part of the structure is in corten steel sheets over a steel frame closing the building.

The equipment can be moved around from a room to the open space based on needs and seasons. When it is cold the building is shut when there are large events or in warm periods, 9 front panels are opened so as to allow free circulation and open view on the scenery. This open space configuration makes it easy to see the river and to open up indoor activities outside. The doors are opened and kept open by gas spring struts and secured with a stainless steel cable. A large sliding door is the final part of the existing building that allows a wide opening of the building on the outside during events.

The simple shape of the building changes with the moveable façades, the materials change appearance and the facing adapting to orientation all changing with the seasons.

Materials - Frame: glued strips, galavanized steel + rustproof white paint - Siding: corten steel sheets, polycarbonate and larch panels

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