Laurelhurst MidCentury

Laurelhurst MidCentury

Seattle, United States
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Private Houses
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Wittman Estes (Matt Wittman and Jody Estes)
Jeremy Bittermann

Laurelhurst MidCentury

mw|works as Architects

Designed by Ibsen Nelsen in 1961, the layout of this home was very well considered but the character and flow between spaces wasn't a good fit for the daily patterns of the new owners. High on the owner's wish list were increased physical and visual connections between rooms and to the outdoors. A central feature of the original design was a courtyard garden, experienced primarily through the living room. Careful reconsideration of the openings surrounding this space reframed it as a tranquil organizing element of the house, central not just to the living room but also to the entry, the daily circulation paths and the more informal spaces of the home. Single pane windows were replaced and extended floor to ceiling. Upgraded insulation and high efficiency radiant floor heat allowed the removal of ductwork and low ceilings, dramatically reducing the home's energy consumption. The new project is updated and more livable but still respectful of the best elements of the original design.

Laurelhurst Garden

Wittman Estes (Matt Wittman and Jody Estes) as Landscape Architects

This large scale remodel of a midcentury modern house by Ibsen Nelson opens up the living and dining areas to take full advantage of the lush landscape and views toward Lake Washington. In collaboration with mw|works, paving and decking are brought into equilibrium for indoor outdoor flow of wood and concrete surfaces on both the ground and walls. A central atrium garden has subtle Japanese influences, and the reflecting pool and fountain create a focal point for the house that can engage all the senses.

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