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We wanted to fit togeteher the different project universe. We tried to find a kind of « nesting » between the program, regulations, status and public accessibility.

The program was : - a laboratory - an executive division - a tearoom - a garden Thoses spaces are controlled by different accessibility rules to public and contrary sanitary regulations. We have respected those constraints and we made those different spaces communicate.

The architecture of the volumes allowed us to create, gradually, intimated spaces, respecting traditions of Reunion Island. The site entrance leads the visitor towards tearoom. From here he can access to the Creole garden. Right Inside the tearoom, some large bay windows are connecting it, visually, with the pastrycooked laboratory. We also have a big spiral staircase that gives access to the executive division. This spiral staircase dobles the height and facilitates vines to climb arround or the installation of an interior green wall.

The site revegatation allows us to organize the different spaces from the garden but also to protect us from the public road network. We wanted to build a contemporary architecture respecting the importance of the environment in the Creole architecture. This means allowding vegetation getting inside the building with patios or climbing plants to give shade and coolness.

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The Waterfall
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The Waterfall

Sydney NSW, Australia - Build completed in 2020
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