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All about Indoor Living Walls

Indoor living walls - also called green walls - can infuse a dull space with visually pleasing greenery. Different types of plants are used to create living wall systems that can be attached to an interior wall with their own growing medium. This vertical landscaping method makes an interior space inviting and inspiring with the help of the intrinsic benefits of nature. 

Living walls offer countless different styles and designs, along with a wide range of indoor plant types. Another key aspect of these types of walls is that they come with a self-watering mechanism using a hidden hydroponic system. .

Indoor green walls are basically interior vertical gardens that consume only minimal horizontal space. The plants are placed in containers such as modular panels or tray systems. Having its own growing medium, each living wall system can be watered with drip irrigation or direct irrigation. Extremely flexible, this vertical landscaping method ensures smooth circulation of water to minimize wastage.

With a natural air filtration system, green walls make a microclimate highly comfortable for inhabitants. Another benefit of using living wall systems is their energy efficiency as a wall decorating option. Indoor air quality also improves significantly with the reduced carbon footprint. Naturally beautiful, these interior vertical gardens are highly durable with proper maintenance. Proper maintenance includes watering in a correct way to prevent rotting and withering of indoor plants.

Another appreciable quality of living walls is their ability to reduce noise levels. Plant selection is an important aspect that has to be undertaken considering both design choice and utilitarian purpose. The right species of plant - including exotic species - should consider both temperature controls and artificial lighting. With high sustainability credentials, indoor green walls create an inspiring, healthy, comfortable and functional indoor environment within a building.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Verde Profilo

Vertical gardens offered by Verde Profilo transform any space into a visually pleasing and comfortable environment. Their products are uniquely designed to fit easily and beautifully into any interior environment.

Verde Profilo makes use of exotic and durable indoor plant choices in order to create living walls that blend architecture and nature creatively. The root system of the plants ensures smooth air circulation, which in turn creates a healthy environment all year round. The irrigation system is efficiently hidden so as not to interfere with the overall look of an interior space.

Sharing a new green philosophy, Verde Profilo offers customized solutions for all customers. Being a responsible manufacturer, every aspect is taken into consideration including wall size, plant species, suitable irrigation system, right growing medium and necessary lighting options to create captivating indoor ambiances in homes, offices or other types of commercial buildings.


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