Lime Flavor
Yousub Song

Lime Flavor

SML as Architects

Lime Flavor is designed as a suite room of a boutique hotel, which has the composition principle and color of the lime as motifs of the space. The rectangular suite space is clearly divided into the Served Zone (bed, desk and TV) and the Servant Zone (entrance, bathroom, toilet, wash basin and wardrobe). The composition principle of the Servant Zone is similar to that of the lime, in which membranous juicy vesicles are partitioned in identical modules called pulp cells by the thin membrane. The convex-concave shaped Servant module in the lime color is penetrated into the space of the room, but the module is partitioned with transparent glass, which has visual expandability and creates loose boundaries. The functionality (shielding) of the Servant module is created temporarily whenever necessary using the lime-colored curtain. The white skins (ceiling, wall and floor) wrapping the Served Zone is divided, and then integrated as ceiling, wall and furniture (bed, desk, etc). By visualizing the superposition with indirect lighting oozing between the skins, the Served Zone is planned as a contrasting space to the Servant volume.  

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