Lithuanian Pavilion EXPO 2015

Lithuanian Pavilion EXPO 2015

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Pietro Baroni

Lithuanian Pavilion: Theme "Well of Knowledge: Experienced Future"

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The Concept

Lithuania will be contributing to the theme of Expo 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life both as a country with a rich agricultural traditions, and as a country focused on developing innovative technologies for industrial food production. It is these characteristics which are helping it to carve out a prominent position amongst the countries of "New Europe."

In 2015 Lithuania will celebrate 25 years of independence and the 11 years that have passed since it joined the European Union. It is one more opportunity to celebrate the high quality of its products and improve international business relations, and make in-roads into new markets.

Visitors to the 1,147-square meter exhibition space of the Lithuanian Pavilion can enjoy high-quality cheese, pancakes, rye bread, traditional cakes and many other typical products from cooperatives, family farms, and small food businesses. They can also enjoy the beauty of the many handcrafted objects made ​​from natural materials such as linen, wool, wood, clay and amber.

The design of the pavilion

The Commissioner General of the Government, Romas Jankauskas, has presented the preliminary concept of the Lithuanian Pavilion, designed by a group of young architects from Kaunas. Inspired by minimalist architecture, it is composed of two cubic buildings joined by a series of interconnecting walkways, covering a total of 1,147 square meters. In its essence the design brings to mind the image a set of scales (the title of the pavilion is “Balansas”) and is intended to represent the balance between tradition and innovation, both key characteristics of the country’s agri-food sector. The pavilion will be constructed following the latest standards in environmental protection and sustainability.

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Utrecht Community (UCo)
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2e Daalsedijk 6a, 3551 EJ Utrecht, Netherlands - Build completed in 2017
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