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Design collaboration with Axis Inc. The interior design of the showroom was based on the theme of an office where creativity is born. Now that the way of working is changing drastically, the spread of remote work is re-questioning its value as a place to gather. It has become more important than ever to have a space with a clearer intention and to be able to respond flexibly to the situation.

LIVING MOTIF WORK + is a showroom operated by LIVING MOTIF, an interior shop.
LIVING MOTIF WORK + proposes the creation of a space with a work unit that combines office furniture, taking advantage of the strength of handling multiple brands. In order to convey the charm of the space created by the work unit, the showroom itself has a minimalist structure with only floors and walls. The work unit is designed to fit any interior. Therefore, as a showroom, we try not to bias the image depending on the material. And we thought that it was necessary to devise something that would make it easier to recall the office space.

Therefore, we tried to give an expression to the "lines" created by the joints and characterize them by placing the beige joint bars in the matte dark gray surface material. This gives the impression of tiles and herringbone flooring. One large space is gently segmented by graphical lines. The "lines" on the floor and walls also act like a ruler. Therefore, it is easy to grasp the scale when the office furniture is actually installed. We aimed to transform practical confirmation work in the showroom into fun communication.

LIVING MOTIF WORK + is a showroom that proposes a new office style. Since it is a space that envisions the office of the future, we aimed to make the line drawing three-dimensional. Currently, there are plans to use it not only as a showroom but also as a space for meetings and catalog photography. The showroom, which proposes an office where creativity is born, creates creativity in the space itself.


DATE:Apr, 2021
PLACE:Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
DIRECTION:Eiji Yoshida, Miki Ohta, Yu Yokoyama (AXIS Inc.)
INTERIOR DESIGN:Seiji Oguri, Mei Shibuya, Sonomi Katono (id inc.)
CONSTRUCTION:Hiroshi Iguchi (Esta Build Co., Ltd.)
PHOTOGRAPHS:Norihito Yamauchi

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