LL 2474
Arq. Federico Kulekdjian
Product Spec Sheet

ManufacturersAserradero Vagol
CarpentryConstruser Alvear
ManufacturersHormigon Elaborado Pasalto
Processed concreteING. CASAS
Floors and CoatingsNOI ESTUDIO
FlooringPATAGONIA Flooring

Product Spec Sheet
Processed concrete
Floors and Coatings

LL 2474

Arqtipo as Architects


The LL 2474 building assumes an interstitial condition proposing morphological operations that articulate it in a context that is in continuous transformation.


The building is an architectural piece that develops in a typical and heterogeneous block in the urban fabric, located in the Agronomy neighborhood. It is located on a plot of 8.66 x 36 m, whose internal front line is located 32 m deep in the E3 district, which allows building an envelope larger than the construction capacity.


The project takes advantage of the maximum zoning height of the district, flush the left boundary and proposes a series of “open” spaces of different heights that are related to the right boundary.


Its volumetry allows to combine patios in relation to both boundary lots, as a complete set, respecting the pre-existing conditions and qualifying the conditions of the project.



The proposal assumes the gray brick as a project material, and a relationship between the maximum envelope and the construction capacity, based on inquiring into the spatial possibilities generated by the interface between these envelopes.


It is experimented with the articulation generated between the outer, monomaterial skin of the gray brick sensitive to context and orientation, and the inner envelope typical of the habitat units.


It proposes a series of expansions that "move" at different levels, and that allows light to seep into the lower levels.



The building has a free ground floor, where the access hall, garages and the park are located. In the lower levels, small-scale habitat units, such as studies, are projected due to their use (four units per level) that have the highest useof the floor plant. They can accommodate homes and professional studios.


In the upper levels, the wider units, which generate the recesses and withdrawals, and the desired variability in their expansions, are arranged to filter the light and allow cross-ventilation of the units.


At the last level, communal activities are organized, proposing a space for bonding and recreation.

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