Lund Science Village Masterplan

Lund Science Village Masterplan

Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects
Lund, Sweden
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Lund Science Village Masterplan

Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects as Architects

Lund Science Village is a result of a cooperation between Lund University, Lund Municipality and Skåne Regional Council in the south of Sweden. The ambition is to create an innovative research environment between the two major research institutions MAX IV Laboratory and ESS. Lund Science Village will be part of defining the area northeast of central Lund.

The project reflects the inherent contrast in the new name of the district – Science and Village. Thus, the district combines modern research environment with classical city environments and qualities. Dense urban spaces with elements of greenery. The project celebrates the unique history of Lund and the enormous future potential of the Science Village as a vibrant and playful mini metropolis.

In the years to come, new buildings, city spaces and connections will emerge punctuated by temporary experiences and green spaces. Lund Science Village will thus be an ever stimulating and interesting experience.

The Science Village is built around a flexible grid interspersed with playful spaces and green elements. A dense structure of 3-5 storey blocks in the centre of the district transforms gradually towards the periphery to become singular houses integrating with the surrounding landscape. The courtyards come across as varied habitats and the rooftops are actively used as common gardens.

Lund Science Village offers the combination of mind and heart, of city and nature, of cutting-edge research and something as old-fashioned as sensitivity. The district will be a meeting place for international scientists and visitors. It offers the best laboratories and meeting places for experts, specialists, and students combined with the buzzing city life of shops, schools and homes.

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