Lusthoone Funhouse Sauna

Lusthoone Funhouse Sauna

Peeter Pere Arhitektid OÜ
Märjamaa parish, Põlli village, Lusthoone farm, Estonia
Project Year
Private Houses
Tõnu Tunnel
Product Spec Sheet
RoleBrandsProducts Used
Switch, socket combination, plug - LS ZEROJungLS Zero, LS ZERO light socket white
Fireplace SLIMFocusSlimfocus
Ponzio alumiinium profile WindowsSCHÜCO
Floorboard, ash 20x140x800-3000mm Rustik, greased with Osmo waxFraxinus OÜ
Aluzink, rolling mill metal sheetRuukki Construction
Triple lacquered laminated glass 'PLANILAQUE STADIPSaint Gobain Glass

Lusthoone Funhouse Sauna

Peeter Pere Arhitektid OÜ as Architects

The original task was to design a new sauna to accompany a farm complex and which takes into account the existing sauna.

The old already remodelled smoke sauna in its archaic manner was the catalyst of the design. A separate new entity would have left the old building in a sad state. Thus began the idea of actually building on and around it, therefore packing the old and new in the same capsule. The non-sauna part between the two saunas, an atrium, connects the surrounding landscape, sky and the old buildings into an inseparable part of the sauna complex. There are many different layers to the little building.

The interior entails two opposing sides: a dark sauna room with a hint of a smoke sauna, and an abruptly ample room with a fireplace – a room which takes in the surroundings and has a light, fun overtone to it.

Material Used :

1. Jung - Switch, socket combination, plug- LS ZERO

2. Focus – fireplace SLIM

3. Hongdao Industry Co ltd- Composite sheets, ACP, brushed aluminium

4. Saint Gobain - Triple lacquered laminated glass 'PLANILAQUE STADIP

5. Schüco Ltd- Ponzio alumiinium profile Windows

6. Ruukki OY - Aluzink, rolling mill metal sheet

7. Fraxinus OÜ - Floorboard, ash 20x140x800-3000mm Rustik, greased with Osmo wax

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