Lyric Theatre and Dance Auditorium

Lyric Theatre and Dance Auditorium

Anaplasi Consulting Engineers S.A.
Kalamata, Greece
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Lyric Theatre and Dance Auditorium

Anaplasi Consulting Engineers S.A. as Architects

Lyric Theatre and Dance Auditorium (LTDA) in Kalamata, a city in Southern Greece is a project that uplifted the city’s image. LTDA gave the possibility to the city of Kalamata to host important shows and events which attracts tourists and people from surrounding towns to the city of Kalamata. The final and detailed design (2005-2006) was made by Anaplasi Consulting Engineers, while the construction ended in 2008.

The building provides two stages, two auditoriums, foyers, offices and other related facilities. It covers 9.734m².

The designer’s goal was that the building will become city’s pole of attraction. The whole complex expresses simplicity and harmony. Basic cubic volumes rise in combination with strong industrial elements. Big steel sun blinds are applied along the main façade of the building. Glass is used at public rest areas, aiming to show inner movement, while aluminum panels hide the rest of the building.

Foyer and busy public spaces are glazed, visible from outside, so that no boundaries exist between the visitor and the building. Building’s facade is enhanced during evening hours, when warm interior lighting is on.

Main auditorium was designed according to specific acoustic study, since the building is positioned at the crossroad of the main city avenue and the railway line.

Furthermore, the design was focusing, on improving important areas of the building; a) The interior space of public facilities for its better function. b) The interior of the main auditorium for spectators’ improved movement. c) The technical – mechanical facilities of the stage d) The structural behavior of the building

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