Maracanã House

Maracanã House

Terra e Tuma
Lapa, Brazil
Project Year
Private Houses
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Terra e Tuma

Alexandre Mancini
Pedro Kok
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Pendant lampArtemide
PIPE | Pendant lamp
WoodworkAlceu Terra
metalworkEdison Shigueno
WaterproofingKenzo Harada
Aluminium FramesMetalTec Esquadrias Especiais

Product Spec Sheet
Pendant lamp
PIPE | Pendant lamp by Artemide
Aluminium Frames

Maracanã House

Terra e Tuma as Architects

The process of creating this house was intense, due to the absence of the relation architect-client that allowed a natural development of it. In fact, there was never a formula of how to make a family housing, because creating it became a process of architectural research.

The initial condition of the house was the site. We tried to take advantage of the difficulty of operating in the site, to bridge the gap and to maintain the house firmed next to the floor, which became the guiding potential of the project.

Another initial premise was the desire to maintain the view of the hill ahead, a mark of the Lapa neighbourhood in São Paulo. The rationalization of the project came as a client’s request and the final result is a consequence of the creative process and the attempt to create cheap structural solution and investigate the material, on a way to achieve great spans and double height.

The minimum cost of the construction was not a premise to create the Maracanã House. The desire to create expressive spaces also demanded the use of big windows and the quality of it where important. The issue of cost was a balance between quality and needs. The stages of construction and finishing became unique in this work.

The site lies in a lower level of the street. The occupancy concept required the rising of a volume to shelter the intimal area. The double height enable the creation of a rupture between the social and private areas: the access floor feature a transition area. It is an hiatus between the access of the house and what can happen after wandering this space, it is a space that allows the comprehension of the whole site and its all possibilities.

Maracana House

Alexandre Mancini as Artists

The architect Danilo Terra came to me when the work was nearly finished. He told me that the budget was already at the limit, but there was a gable on the front of the house waiting for one of my works. The talks were great and friendly tone. From the start I believed in the project as a whole, since the awareness of space is one of the great features of the house. I intuitively knew that integrate a panel to that space would be striking.

As Danilo was quite clear on the issue of the budget, I had to devise a more restrained work in color and size of the graphics - which cheapen production - and the solution was adapted from a design created by me earlier that uses lines and circles as elements.

I have a deep identification with these geometric elements and one of my major references as an artist is the cartoon The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, directed by Chuck Jones. I grew up watching this animation that talks about geometry and love.

The panel received two modules in black lines who create all the movement and some red circles that give the counterpoint to the work, almost like the fate of these paths. I believe that the result of the art in architecture integration was spectacular in this project. So it was an immense pleasure to be part of this work.

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