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Medical Practice

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Medical Practice

MALVI as Designers

This medical practice hosts the offices of two doctors with distinct medical specialisations. Since one of them is an obstetric ultrasound specialist and the other a cardiologist specialising in children, the brief required a space that would create a friendly, uplifting and, at the same time, professional atmosphere. We were also asked to create a space that reflects their distinct personalities and medical specialties.

Τaking into consideration both the patients’ and doctors’ behaviour and the way they use the space, we located each examination room and doctor’s office at either side of the floor plan in order to minimise the noise and add a sense of separation. This leaves the middle area to be used as a buffer zone to accommodate the secondary facilities (staff room, WC, storage space). In order to emphasise the dual functionality of the practice, two distinct waiting areas were designed, accessed through separate entrance points but unified by a common reception desk. Throughout the waiting areas the white walls provide an ideal backdrop for custom­made artwork by the renowned illustrator Stavros Damos. By integrating these illustrations seamlessly into the space as part of its playful character, we were able to reflect the essence of each doctor’s specialty.

The protruding wooden volume that interrupts the waiting area is covered with plywood panels of varying thickness. The plywood­clad walls serve as a visual connection between the two areas of the waiting room. Τhe walls also act as a functional element of the space, incorporating the reception desk, the door to one of the two doctors’ offices and a hidden storage space.

Using plywood panels in combination with the white corian details contributes to creating a warmer, calmer and lighter ambience that was requested by the client’s initial brief, while maintaining an overall sense of professionalism.

Medical centre at Thessaloniki

Marazzi as tiles

Using just a few simple yet well combined materials, this medical centre in Thessaloniki, Greece offers a welcoming, modern environment.

Housing two doctors specialising in different fields, the two offices are located on opposite sides of the floor plan, each with its own waiting room for privacy. The central area is a shared reception zone. Despite functioning as two distinct entities, the whole interior is given a single identity using plywood, which flows throughout, cladding the walls which in turn descend to become the reception desk.

Creating a nice contrast with the plywood, a single, uniform material was also used for the floor surface: clay stoneware by Marazzi. The architects selected in particular a large 60 x 120 slab in the single colour of Clays Lava.

Further to this, white Corian was added to lend a contemporary accent, while another large white wall features a mural by illustrator Stavros Damos.

More from the Manufacturer:

A medical centre at Thessaloniki, in Greece, was designed by the firm MALVI in minimalist, highly original style: just a few perfectly combined materials, creating a welcoming, modern building.

The interior houses the offices of two doctors specialising in very different fields (one in obstetrics, the other in paediatric cardiology), so the building's design had to divide the space effectively without forfeiting its general unity and overall character. The two offices are in opposite corners of the ground plan, each with its own waiting-room for greater privacy and to reduce noise. The central area is a service and shared reception zone.The whole building is given a single identity by one material, plywood, which seems to flow attractively through the interior: it clads the walls, descends to become the reception desk, and covers the service areas.

A single material was also selected for the flooring, and provides a perfect combination with the plywood: Clays stoneware by Marazzi. It was chosen by the architects in a single size, the large 60x120 slab, and a single colour, Clays Lava.Stoneware is the perfect solution for those in search of a convenient, easily disinfected floor, simple to maintain and suitable for locations open to the public.

The distinctive contemporary crafted look of Clays stoneware makes an attractive visual pairing with the tactile plywood, creating a unified, striking interior. Clays has a strong stylistic personality thanks to a surface rich in shade variation that combines two opposite effects, the traditional warmth of terracotta and the contemporary spirit of concrete, in a single material. The warm colour of the Lava finish is a perfect combination with the plywood of this project. To conclude, the white Corian adds a contemporary detail, while the white wall is decorated with a mural by illustrator Stavros Damos.

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