Megi Kids And Play Cafe

Megi Kids And Play Cafe

Studio EG Mimarlik
İstanbul, Turkey
Project Year

Altkat Photograpy
Product Spec Sheet

ManufacturersBarrisol - Normalu Sas
ManufacturersMitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US
ManufacturersAtolye Aydinlatma
ManufacturersGül Elektrik

Product Spec Sheet
by Kale
by Vitra.

Megi Kids And Play Cafe

Studio EG Mimarlik as Architects

Designed and implemented by Studio EG Mimarlık, Our project Megi Kids and Play Café; It is the activity site where we set out with the target audience for children and parents. Our customers manufacture 0-6 years old children; entertainment learning, activities, workshop programs and yoga etc. sensory, physical and mental workshops that are open to learning and diversity.


It is also a place for parents to relax and spend time together. In summary; Megi's goal is; Turkish English, English, Turkish, English, Turkish, English, Turkish Children in Megi; they have an excellent opportunity to meet their peers, communicate and learn new skills. Based on these discourses, we created a concept with the wood and salmon in place and the green colors we found specially. We paid attention to the equal distribution of our colors together with the wooden board. For example; We have a movable door in the roof concept that divides the shopping area and workshop areas. We have abstracted this shape a bit and used it in the doors of the space and wall coverings.


When we set out with the symbol of shelter, protection and ownership; we wanted the space to be in a concept that has a reality-protective concept. We took care to use it equally in the color distribution before the game. The use of natural wood, the history of the space Specially designed playground, abstractly sorted site and abstract tree library, social times of our children.


Material Used :
1. Vitra
2. Paletton PVC
3. EG Ahşap Wood
4. Barrisol
5. KaleSeramik
6. PersanKumaş
7. Rain Soft
8. Mitsubishi  Klima
9. Gül Elektrik, Atölye Aydınlatma

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