Mirador 70

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The intervention focused on transforming a built plot with a preexisting self-managed structure in order to consolidate it as a public space in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Caracas with a strong force of self-determination:  El 70. The project aims to fulfill the programmatic requirements proposed by the community, based on collective use and multiple functions.

The development of the project and its construction were made possible through the use of participative methodologies for its design, program and construction. The community participated and played a central role in each of the processes during the design, decision making and construction of the building together with the team of specialists made up of architects, artists, photographers, engineers and anthropologists, among others.

The construction efforts were based on repurposing certain components of the porch structure, based on the principle of recycling and reuse, attempting to harness the existing building as a source of material. The components were reused to generate height, creating a lookout tower that provides 360° views over the city valley.

The building provides a square at street level to create a meeting place for everyday use. The lower level is a multi-use space, a place for community meetings and different programmed cultural activities. It can be used as a dance rehearsal space for the girls in the contemporary dance group, for young people from the neighborhood interested in hip hop, for meetings of the senior citizens’ club, or for babysitting children from the community.
There is also an open area, accessible and easy to read, surrounded by unique patios to play in, a vertical garden, a small office for the community council, bathrooms and storage space.


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