miyoshi pan

miyoshi pan

Osaka, Japan
Yasunori Shimomura

miyoshi pan

arbol as Architects

The owner, Ms.Miyoshi, said at first this word, “I’m going to make “delicious” breads that anyone want to eat daily naturally.” That word was simple and right to the point, so Miyoshi-like expression as craftsman, straightforward and serious.
The location site is in front of the corner of a large apartment and a supermarket, in one of the residential areas in Miyakojima-ku, Osaka city.
The entrance is wide, but openings are set as little as possible, so that expectations of the inside space would arise spontaneously.
White wave-shaped plates are used in exterior for soft but eye-catching impression, attract walk-by customers, and draw into the store.

The inside space design is simple but high quality, subtle and fine details everywhere.
There is a big table where breads lined up, and customers can buy, and a place where customers can eat freshly baked breads. These two spaces have different impressions of natural light, and ceiling height, allowing each place to have its own space design even in the small store.
Special ordered brass lights and “ear of wheat” of object, a leather handle are used, these items will change its color little by little to brown as time goes by, like when dough is kneaded, and baked. I’m really looking forward to seeing the decoration and the store both will grow together.
Bauhaus/German-style stools, and a scissor lamp used in this house, are the main point of this design.
They are simple and universal, unaffected by fashion in the long term, therefore by itself, I feel like they tell us the importance of its essence. I’d like to pass on these to the next generations. Wishing this bread store would be loved and cherished by the local customers for many years to come, by melting into their daily lives.

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