Modern appartement in Wassenaar

Modern appartement in Wassenaar

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ManufacturersRolf Benz AG
ManufacturersSchramm Matratzen Eleanor

Appartement Wassenaar

van Keulen Ontwerp BA register interieurarchitectuur as Interior Architects

An appartement in Wassenaar was a custom design for a single person household. The entire space has an open character by using ceiling-high doors an movable walls and closets. By incorporating the surrounding park, the appartement is luxurious resulting in a nice home for a single person. All rooms have a light ceiling with maximum height, hallways are darker and have lower ceilings, making the appartement clear and making sure spaces is experienced when needed. The bathroom has a teak-deck, with a personal taste for sustainable wood in the bathrooms, we created a very luxurious feel with glass mosaic tiles and Corian. The wardrobe is a semi structural implementation with sliding doors moving into the walls. Multifuncitional furniture with seating makes for a nice and austere feel. The comfortable and luxurious living uses storage inside the furniture itself, making every part of the room.


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