Modular Hotel

Modular Hotel

Kittiya Architects
Phayao, Thailand
Project Year
Monchaya Choowanthanapakorn

Modular Hotel

Kittiya Architects as Architects

MODULAR COMMUNITY: An Ecolomic Community

Modular Hotel is a prototype budget hotel in Phayao, a 700-kilometer north of Bangkok, hilly-agriculture based province, ranked nearly the lowest total family-income of Thailand.  The initial idea aims to create an architectural system that cultivate environmental responsibility to local people, encourage local economy, and sustains the cultural ecology.


Ecology + Economy = Ecolomy


The concept is to create an Ecolomic System Prototype, simple and practical for various location.  Two main architectural components are “Rooms and Circulation”.  On one hand, “Modular-Room” provide functions and materials that are designed to deliver a comfortable living unit, budget friendly and respond to natural lights and ventilation.  On the other, “Circulation” is the core for planning variations depend on geography and location to support the possible “Linear-Compact” or “Non-Linear Expanded” Design.


With the limitation of budget and workmanship, simple-practical structure, construction and materials are applied to be compatible with local builders, an off-season farmers, to create an on-site learning environment.


Modular Hotel and Ecolomic System Concept encourage users to live harmoniously with surrounded environments, lights, shadows, air-flows, and built-environments that sustain friendly-budget operations, and deliver all guests a delightful comfortable stays.


Material Used :

1. AGC Flat Glass: External glass         

2. Local brick: Insulated brick wall

3. BK nanotile: Ceramic Tile

4. TOA Paints: External and internal paints

5. SCG Roof

6. Steel works by local workmanship

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Flat Glass - External glassAGC Glass Europe
External and internal paintsTOA Paint
Product Spec Sheet
Flat Glass - External glass
by SCG
External and internal paints
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