Mon Office Building

Mon Office Building

A.F. Abeijón-Fernandez Arquitectos
Polígono de Bergondo, A Coruña, Spain
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Mon Office Building

A.F. Abeijón-Fernandez Arquitectos as Architects

The site, on which the office building is placed, is in a crossroad, in an industrial park in the surroundings of A Coruña. In this site, there was an industrial building which works as the store of the constructor company. We design an office building in the free corner continues the previous building. Each building has its own access in different streets.

The distribution plan gives a spatial continuity in the entrance hall. On the other hand the space in workplace is divided by means of low furniture in order to people can work in an opened placed keeping their privacy.

The building consists of three volumes, each of them lower than the previous one. In each intersection there were skylights. Thus, we have created three areas:

In the ground floor and the first floor we find the access zone, the administrative department, reception and the technical office, the restroom, toilets, library and the walkway that connects this building with the former one. The second volume consists of workplaces in its ground floor and first floor. The third volume contains the meeting room in its ground floor, and the director’s private office in the first floor.

The underground serves as store room, archive room and installations. From this level we can exit to the courtyard which separates both buildings. The problems posed by the location leads us to disintegrated spatial conception of the building.

The corner if the street needed a singular element which distinguishes it from the other buildings. In order to achieve this aim, we have created a curve wall with a gallery in its central part.

On the other hand, the wall on which the entry is placed, consists of several planes of different heights. This distribution generates a human perception of the elevation in the side street.

This building satisfies the client’s request. The constructor company needed an office building which gave a modern and innovative look and, at the same time, they needed to group and concentrate the services of the company. Our first concern was to create a representative and functional building. We achieve this by dividing the space into three volumes.

Our second concern was the visual and spatial continuity in the inside. In order to reach this point, we designed a double height in the lobby. The more we get into the building, the more we increase partitions and privacy. This area contains the main stairs which leans on a yellow wall, thit is the representative colour of the company.

The lighting is the main part of the spatial design and emphasizes the elements which characterize the whole. We achieve a dialogue between the natural outside light and the artificial light. Thanks to the creation of a well, we have generated a physical, visual and volumetric separation with the adjoining building.

We have given relevance to the designing of motionless furniture which function separating elements of workplaces. Moreover, we have made a careful selection of office furniture.

The materials used continue the building philosophy. We have used stainless steel to cover the curve wall, and polymer concrete to cover the other walls. Materials used inside are plasterboard, ceramic floors, floorboards and handrails made of glass and stainless steel.

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