Mondariz Balneario

Mondariz Balneario

LIQE arquitectura
Curuxeira, Mondariz Balneario, Spain | View Map
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Curuxeira Mondariz Balneario

LIQE arquitectura as Architects

A compact housing enclosed itself. A different levelled plot glued to the river, where the house was placed at highest and sunniest one. A partial excavation, with the house seated on the rock. At the request of improving living conditions and housing space, small sized, the choice is to occupy the highest garden level, the most habitable and linked to housing, with a piece that defines a living space that already existed. The extension links discreetly to the existing building, seeking the precise place by a broken layout. A protective envelopment taken selectively permeable, letting both inhabit the garden and protect from the proximity of the street.

The new piece pulls away from the main building creating a small courtyard - solarium that makes the transition between the outside and housing, focusing on the difference between day and night spaces through the very opening of the day ones to the garden. In the back, and playing opposite the entrance area, there is another terrace, which seeks the river flying over the rock that shaped the main level, and in which the railing disappears converted into steel cables. Local red pine wood surround the entire house as a lichen, unifying the existing with the expanded: rises from the garage covering the stone, stairs and balcony. It extends over the garden, colonizing. It climbs the walls of the extended body, becoming into shutters that accentuate the summer occupation of the house. Covers access getting the user inside the house. And finally splashes all windows of the existing house, renewing and unifying the proposal.

As a fundamental premise in the inner reform: the maximum use of existing, every one valid element for its function is preserved. The scale of the existing dwelling is not discordant with the environment, so it was not considered necessary to amend the outer edge, respecting even keeping the original roof, kept in good condition. The rooms remain with its layout unless specific amendments, providing them storage space in their own divisions. A slight modification to the distributor and access, to adjust its size, improve communication and wean the private area of the house. As outside, wood texture, this time oil finished, grows over white interior spaces, rising from the distributor, where it’s protagonist, coating the walls or peeling off them generating furniture.

The kitchen, which retains its location, maintains its vocation of critical space and living center of the house: it was the access point from the garden, place of passage and actually the house lobby, now is main communication place, closed only at need.

Material Used :

1. Pine wood - facade

2. Chesnut wood – furniture and interior floor

3. Mondariz Grey Granite

4. Polished concrete - floor

5. U-Glass - facade

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Product Spec Sheet
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