Natura NASP Reception

Natura NASP Reception

Estúdio Penha
Vila Jaraguá, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
Project Year
Maíra Acayaba
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Chairs; Buffet and luminairesD.Pot
Air conditioningEPT Engenharia LTDA
Landscape furnitureFirgal
Fire fighter, Eletric, HydraulicLZA Engenharia

Product Spec Sheet
by Clatt
Chairs; Buffet and luminaires
by D.Pot
Air conditioning
Landscape furniture
by Firgal
Fire fighter, Eletric, Hydraulic
by Uniflex

Natura NASP Reception

Estúdio Penha as Architects

For Natura’s reception at its new headquarter in Sao Paulo, Estudio Penha has developed a project that materializes the company’s essence of Well Being and expresses the brand’s versatility, featuring symbols of a contemporary Brazil. A country constantly under construction, Brazil has identity, strength and a strong soul, all points in common with NATURA. The project was elaborated from synesthesia, for the setting, sights, textures, sounds and scents all transmit a thought and the brand’s meaning. Three main concepts in architecture were considered with this in mind: the line, the mirror and time.

The line expresses the beginning of everything; it is a simple element, but mutable and flexible. From the line comes movement, the creation born becomes a product: the lines of life, of thought, of being. Together, represented by the curtains, the lines weave to make complex screens and expression. The mirror reflects every face, every wish, the different skin tones and the peculiarities of all beauties. It symbolizes purity and truth. In our architecture, it is a portal for every person’s inward life, it incites curiosity, enables self admiration, to know oneself, even if for a brief moment; it allows one to connect to the beauty expressed in their individuality.

It was essential to materialize time into an architectural element. Through light and images, we’ve concretized movement and everyday pace; we’ve told and registered the brand’s thoughts as a challenge to the imminent future. It’s important to remember that, to build a future, we need to look at our roots, our affective memory and sense of belonging. Here, the past is not symbolized by what has gone, but by ideas and ideals, anachronistic. The furniture design is inspired by the modern classics, bringing elegance and simplicity from dashing times. All these elements overlap, and they relate to each other originating meaning and new possibilities. From an agglomerate of lines, a screen is woven, and from light, a cinema, transmitting ideas, messages and images. A sensorial design combining music, scents and textures full of meaning that capture, through its curious look, this soul that unites Natura and Brazil and create an original identity for the company.

Material Used :

1. Air conditioning: EPTengenharia / AthieWohnrath
2. Firefighter: lzaengenharia / AthieWohnrath
3. Eletric: lzaengenharia / AthieWohnrath
4. Hydraulic: lzaengenharia / AthieWohnrath
5. Carpentry: Potencial marcenaria
6. Tapestry: Aderito preto decorações
7. Carpet: Clatt
8. Curtains: Uniflex
9. Chairs; Buffet and luminaires: d.pot
10. Logo: FGElumi
11. Landscape furniture: Firgal

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Project Credits
Air conditioning, Fire fighter, Eletric, Hydraulic
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