Nave Industrial RX (Xray Factory)

Nave Industrial RX (Xray Factory)

Emilio Alvarez Abouchard Arquitectura
Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico | View Map
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Camila Cossio

Nave Industrial RX (Xray Factory)

Emilio Alvarez Abouchard Arquitectura as Architects

The NaveIndustrial RX (X-Ray Factory) project started with the operation of a radioactive source for the steel industry. Safety was the main concern of the client, not only because of the radioactive source but because of the building itself. The first and most important outline in design was choosing concrete as the main construction material. The whole building was modulated according to the metallic panels used to cast the concrete: factory’s floors and walls are constructed in multiples of 60cm leaving it exposed, which helped us to arrange the constructive and compositional elements of architecture.

The client, an old industrialist, come up with the scheme and the program was set in two legible bodies respecting land´s original topography: the first one houses the administrative and service area (offices, meeting room, kitchen, restrooms, showers and canteen); and the second one on the back houses the free floor plan area for the factory.

The project includes some sustainability concepts that enhance user’s life and decrease the use of natural resources such as introducing natural light and fresh air in every work area (administrative and industrial). Daylight is introduced because of materials, constructive elements, colors, and highlights of the sun. The administrative area is filled with a sifted light thanks not only to the glass blocks, but to the north orientation where sunlight is not direct and the temperature does not rises significantly. The industrial area is filled of light through the translucent sheets and the highlights of the sun in the white steel frames. The steel frames where designed ex profeso for the gable cover including a louver stripe to aerate working areas with fresh air. 

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