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NEVER STOP DESIGNING SPACES, ten interiors like gallery installations, the LAGO stand at the Salone del Mobile has become a museum and is celebrating the Italian spirit

LAGO is presenting itself to the public at the Salone in an emotional journey through ten places of Italian life. The common thread uniting them is LAGO design, a modular alphabet that can adapt to any style, context or identity.

NEVER STOP DESIGNING SPACES - An emotional journey through ten places of Italian life’ is the title of the exhibition installation with which LAGO – a leader in the production of furnishings and the holistic design of all living spaces – is presenting itself at the 2016 Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

The LAGO stand (PAV 16 - B25/C30) breaks away from all of the typical fair formats, transforming into a museum-like exhibition space where visitors will be accompanied on an all-Italian journey through a series of settings from different periods and contexts. From Palladio and the Mediterranean to aristocratic palazzos and gourmet osterias, NEVER STOP DESIGNING SPACES winds through the whole peninsula and presents ten Italian interiors in public and private spaces. It is an experiential and sensory journey, inspired by the kinds of things you can do in a museum, with LAGO design as the common thread, a modular alphabet that can enter into empathy with every individual, space, time and style.

Just like at a museum exhibition, visitors will be lead through the installations by LAGO guides, who will accompany them on a journey that engages the senses of sight, smell and hearing, with each space connected to a place, perfume and sound. For its choice of places, LAGO let itself be inspired by the trivago Global Reputation Ranking 2016, which is based on best online reputation. For the perfumes in the rooms, it partnered with Tonatto Profumi, and Yamaha Music Europe provided all of the devices used to fill the spaces with sound.

Architecturally, the LAGO exhibition space is divided between two naves, set up within which are two 15-metre LAGO COMMUNITY TABLES: the first with a Wildwood finish, and the second with the new MadeTerraneo finish, which is presented in all of the areas of the home, ceramic tile hand-decorated in customised colours and forms and the fruit of a collaboration with MADE A MANO, a Caltagirone company that blends Mediterranean tradition with Nordic minimalism. The two LAGO COMMUNITY TABLES will serve as the centre of conviviality and relationships. The LAGO welcome to visitors will be completed with a ‘gourmet osteria’ where a chef will prepare aperitifs, finger food and Italian coffee in a 36e8 kitchen featuring the new Steel+ countertop.

Facing the two naves are the ten rooms conceived as ideals of Italian interiors: rooms that narrate Italian-style living in various historical periods and different contexts. From urban contexts to rural, the LAGO journey touches all of the areas of the home and places where we live our lives: domestic interiors, but also hotel rooms, home offices for important business meetings, gourmet osterias and public reading rooms. The common thread that unites and defines them is the LAGO alphabet: modular, customisable design capable of crossing over time and adapting itself to every style, place and personality, but also the Italian spirit, understood as a culture of knowing how to design and knowing how to create, as well as a capacity for generating conditions of everyday quality of life.

A group of students from ISFAV (The Photography and Visual Art Institute of Padua) will be on hand to take photo-souvenirs of visitors in their favourite scenario. Visitors will be able to share the photo of their emotional journey into Italian interiors through the hashtag #LAGONEVERSTOP.

This year as well, LAGO is renewing its collaboration with FontanaArte for lighting, Oikos for interior surface solutions, and Miele and Smeg for domestic appliances, but has also formed alliances with new partners, like Philips for the televisions, Sambonet and Rosenthal for items for the kitchen, table and living area, and QC Terme Milano for the perfumes.

Another important new collaboration is with Elica, which has provided the hoods for the LAGO kitchens at the stand: the Shining hood with a petrolx finish, a treated metal that creates a lived-in look, paired with the 36e8 Steel+ kitchen; Snap, Elica’s new Air Quality Balance, which monitors and improves air quality, and the Summilux hood, designed by Fabrizio Crisà, here in a copper version for the Air kitchen which integrates the ‘Modular’ induction hob by Foster.

All of the products at the stand and Fuorisalone will have NFC tags, which Android users can scan to activate a dialogue with LAGO furnishings. For TALKING FURNITURE, De Agostini is providing all of the added digital content like fairy tales, recipes and tourist guides, which will be easy to download, passing a smartphone over the NFC tags found on the products at the stand and Fuorisalone. For both Android and iOS users, the new “LAGO DESIGN” app is available in the Play Store and Apple Store, and will integrate all of the product and service functions, including an EVENTS section where one will be able to find all of the LAGO events and sign up for them through Eventbrite.

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