New Office Airport Stuttgart (NOAS) Ernst & Young

New Office Airport Stuttgart (NOAS) Ernst & Young


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Stuttgart, Germany
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New Office Airport Stuttgart (NOAS) Ernst & Young

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The accounting firm Ernst & Young locates its headquarters in the new Airport City in Stuttgart. The building will provide space for offices, conference and lecture halls, a staff restaurant, library, archives and underground parking. The building is composed of three elements with curved floor plans. The fundamental structure is a flat roof with support columns. Wherever the columns are not continuous, they are supported by girders, some of which are pre-stressed. The façade elements span one floor and are attached to the edge of each floor slab, as is a wide steel-glass awning over the entrance area. As the building is constructed without expansion joints, special consideration must be given to the constraining forces. The basement floors go below groundwater level, requiring a waterproof construction. The foundation is partially supported by drilled piles.


Type of structure: reinforced concrete structure Owner: Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH Architect: Hascher Jehle Architektur, Berlin (Entwurf); BFK Architekten, Stuttgart (Ausführung) Contractor: Züblin Scope of work: conceptual design Length x width: 130 m x max. 100 m Gross floor area: 40,000 m² above ground, 20,000 m² under ground incl. underground parking Floors: 6 above ground, 2 under ground Height : max. 30 m Column spacing: max. 8 m Thickness of floor slabs: 35 cm Gross cubic capacity: 247,000 m³

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