New Shalom community center

New Shalom community center

Brasil Arquitetura
Rua Fiandeiras, 295 - Itaim Bibi, São Paulo - SP, Brasil | View Map
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Nelson Kon

New Shalom community center

Brasil Arquitetura as Architects

Build a supportive and pacific world just will be possible with the reunionion from all people ‘stones’.

Two big concrete walls (cyclopean on appearence). Built with a large variety of stones, from diferent origins and colors – sandstone, granite, basalt, marble, limestone, etc. – will structure physical and symbolically the new Shalom community center. Stones that perpetuate the momories from time (or time memorie), brought from most diferents nooks by everyone that take part from Shalom community activities.

We implanted the building in the lot longitudinal direction, and the principal entrace in Fiandeiras street, and secondary entrance in Cavazzola street, aligning with the walls from adjascents house, aiming a larger garden space on the setbacks integrated to the gourgeous trees on the Ribeirão Claro street.

Ground floor, including the grass garden, will be implanted in an 1,00m elevation above surrounding streets, like a floating plateau. Underneath, two garage pavements and some support area; above. Three pavements that will receive the proposed program: on the roof, two uncovered sports court.

Material Used :

1. Diplomac - Divisórias Modulares

2. Wall Sistem - Painéis

3. Otis Solution - Elevadores

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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
by Otis
by Sistem
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