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Ross Honeysett
Product Spec Sheet

Counter – Glacier WhiteCORIAN® Design
Ceiling – Backlit Custom Barrisol - Normalu Sas
Floor Tiles - ‘Super White Matt’ 147 x 800Classic Ceramics
Carpet - Anthracite Tretford
Wall Panelling - ‘Lustrell Charisma’, Snow Warwick Fabrics

Product Spec Sheet
Counter – Glacier White
Ceiling – Backlit Custom
Floor Tiles - ‘Super White Matt’ 147 x 800
Carpet - Anthracite
Wall Panelling - ‘Lustrell Charisma’, Snow


Smart Design Studio as Architects

Smart Design Studio has designed a fresh new space for Optique, an optometristand eyewear retailer.Located within the dynamic Barangaroo precinct, this was the third store commissioned by owner Susan Green. Light continues to be the central idea, building on the already established visual identity. Colourful mirrored boxes bounced light around the two earlier spaces, whereas here, light emanates from the Barrisol ceiling.


A pair of illuminated coloured sails hover above the crisp white shell. The effect is captivating and conceptually references what eyewear does; to tint, alter or enhance the image. It adds warmth and drama to the otherwise white space and washes the customer in soft complementary light. By night, the LED lights can be adjusted to a more dramatic combination to attract passers-by.


With glazing on two sides of a sharp corner site, the shell determined the look and layout of the space. SDS devised the sculptural light box as an elegant and arresting way to maximise the strangely shaped ceiling, a bi-product of the building’s structure.  While display needed to be optimized, it was limited to the two solid walls that also conceal essential back of house spaces. Positioned in front of a long window, the custom designed Corian counter looks beautiful from all sides. It presents as a sculptural element that relates to the ceiling above.


In addition to the grand gesture overhead, the interior features highly resolved detailing. Clean white panelling allows the optical frames and sunglasses to take centre stage. These upholstered display panels encourage interaction with the product and double as joinery doors housing additional stock and cases.


This means that the sales area is also the stock room, creating a retail space where the limited footprint is incredibly practical and efficient, and the customer is not left unattended. Quietly luxurious materials were chosen to suit but not detract from the high-end eyewear lining two of the shop’s walls. The finishes are mainly matte, leaving the reflective glasses to shine.


Material Used :
1. Warwick – Wall Panelling - ‘Lustrell Charisma’,  Snow 
2. Classic Ceramics  – Floor Tiles - ‘Super White Matt’ 147 x 800
3. Corian - Counter – Glacier White
4. Barrisol – Ceiling – Backlit Custom 
5. Tretford – Carpet - Anthracite 

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Signage and Graphics
Builder/ Joiner
Lighting Consultant
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