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Interior lighting - lightingNVC

Product Spec Sheet
by Häfele
Interior lighting - lighting
by NVC
by Xingfa

P house

T H I A Architecture as Architects

P. House is the establishment with an area of 4.3 x 15m located in an alley, with three sides bordering the neighbour while the east facade borders an old factory and many large old trees.


Upon approaching the site, we notice the unique settings of the area, the facade facing a large space of the factory "2 floors above the existing house" but covered by a wall of fences, the factory with the form of a steep roof surrounded by old trees which are home to the birds and squirrels making the place vibrant regardless of the urban surrounding.


For the purpose of preserve this natural habitat and greenery, our approach is ceding a large area for gardening and to further enhance it, we also cover the roof with plants, blending the man-structure with existing mother nature.


With a 2-layer architectural solution, interspersed with trees, arranging a glass roof to take the wind from behind the house will help this house always feel refreshing and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The living space is covered by layers of bricks and trees. Therefore, reliance on air conditioner usage will be significantly reduced. .


The materials we use are sustainable materials, carpentry bricks, concrete ceilings, natural wood, so that the living space is closely associated with nature.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: carpentry bricks
2. Flooring: Vietceramics , wood Luu’s Atelier
3. Doors: wood Luu’s Atelier
4. Windows: Xingfa
5. Roofing: concrete
6. Interior lighting: nvc- lighting
7. Interior furniture: wood Luu’s Atelier , Dreamers Architects

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London, UK - Build completed in 2017
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