P.A. House

P.A. House

Andrade Morettin Associates
Carapicuiba, Brazil | View Map
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Private Houses
Nelson Kon

P.A. House

Andrade Morettin Associates as Architects

This small pavilion was conceived for a young couple of photographers and is located in the São Paulo metropolitan area, on a 600-square-meter-site that is covered by dense forest and is delimited in the north by a lake.

Basically, the house is made of two interconnected volumes of opposite characteristics. These volumes are set up in a way not to interfere with the natural features surrounding them, and to take advantage of the shade provided by the trees. The living area is situated naturally in the space between the ground and the crown of the trees.

The main volume, in the size of 9.40 x 4.00 x 3.00m, is defined by a light wooden structure (jatoba) and enclosed by polycarbonate alveolar panels, which due to their special transparent characteristics provide an interesting relation with the surrounding environment. In one of the corners of this volume the translucent membrane gives room to the transparency of the glass, offering a special view on the lake.

The living area, characterized by the fluidity of the space and the quality of the materials, allows the landscape to “penetrate” into the private spaces. Only a retractable curtain occasionally establishes the boundaries of the bedroom area.

This “light box” stands detached from the ground, supported by brick walls. The roof, made of thermo acoustic metal tiles, forms a slanted and detached plane above the volume, maintaining its formal integrity and providing permanent cross ventilation.

The service block, opposed in every way to the other volume, was conceived as a rock deeply rooted to the ground, with thick brickwork walls. It protects the main pavilion from the setting sun in the afternoon.

This block concentrates the equipment and installations of the house such as kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and water and gas reservoirs. The kitchen and bathroom counters as well as the cupboards and internal partitions are also made of brickwork and concrete. The size and location of the few openings are determined by their function, emphasizing the closed and heavy character of this volume as compared to the other.

The several degrees of transparency, which characterize the enclosing of the pavilion, react to the variations of light, either artificial or natural, and afford distinct readings of the architectural object. The distortions and ambiguities generated by the polycarbonate alveolar sheets make the house at times a place for abstract perception of the landscape and at times for contemplation of sheer reality.

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