Papyrus, Gwang-gyo

ARCHI@MOSPHERE as Yeonju Choi , Kyungsik Park

Papyrus is an editorial brand for eye-wear products that has been leading eye-wear fashion trend for over thirty years in Korea.
Archimosphere, over the past decade, has devised a modular wall system that incorporates product display zone, pop-up display zone, and storage, optimized for Papyrus only. Respecting the context of the sites with the optimized modular wall system, Archimosphere has designed spaces of Papyrus for 6 times.  

This project locates in Gwanggyo Galleria department store recently designed by OMA. Archimosphere intended a spacious, soft style of design based on the analysis of Gwang-gyo community in which the majority of consumers were female. 

The design was based on the traditional stone-laying method of a korea’s world heritage site, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. It aims a intimate connection with the community through the structure itself reminding the fortress. No walls or doors were built as a strategy to perform a light and open atmosphere, along with  elaborately planned spaces allowing actions such as eye examination, counseling, and manufacturing.

The modular composition of the walls is mainly a 3T aluminum frame. Each frame consists of 20T acrylic. The overall material finish adds 
the soft, warm ambiance to an organized modular system.

Project Credits
Yeonju Choi , Kyungsik Park
Product Spec Sheet

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Ljubljana, Slovenia - Build completed in 2020
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