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Passage House

Y.Architectural Design - Youichi Kouno as Architects

This House is built in a ravine a little uphill from the coastline to the mountains and sandwiched between the mountains and mountains. This plan is a step by the existing stone cliff. In the basement floor using this step, the garage and the study space are planned, and the living space is planned on the first floor.

The living room on the first floor is continuous with the deck terrace on the sea side, and can enjoy the environment in an open space. The building was built like a dam passed into the valley, and the wind from the valley passed through the building and the sunset over the sea brings comfort and healing space.

The interior is made up of natural materials and wood that are environmentally conscious. The pillar that left the branch that was used outside the atelier is a tree that the client and we cut down from the mountain in the back of this ground. The reason is that I want to use local wood in this place, and to feel the attachment to this here strongly.

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