Pavilion Zero Expo 2015

Pavilion Zero Expo 2015

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Pavilion Zero

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Pavilion Zero Curated by Davide Rampello and designed by Michele de Lucchi, Pavilion Zero provides an introduction to the Expo Milano 2015 Site. Pavilion Zero takes the visitor on a captivating journey to explore how much humankind has produced, the transformation of natural landscape, and the culture and rituals of food consumption.

Pavilion Zero according to Davide Rampello and Michele de Lucchi What story does it tell? Davide Rampello: We wanted to tell a story which begins from the earliest period of human history, through symbols and myths, the different stages of evolution and man’s relationship with Nature – the domestication of animals and plants, and the introduction of tools to work the land and conserve food. The story ends with the current paradox regarding nutrition. A fascinating journey that turns a universal story into an individual one. Can you give us three reasons to visit? D.R.: To learn, share and feel. What is your vision of the future? D.R.: According to Saint Augustine, past, present and future all co-exist in the soul. The present of the past is memory, the present of the present is direct experience, while the present of the future is expectation. The aim of the display in this pavilion is to create the need to move towards something new, something different in the future. Where does your inspiration come from? Michele De Lucchi: The shape of Pavilion Zero represents a part of the earth’s crust lifted up and placed in a prominent position. It reproduces the outline of the land with mountains, hills and a great central valley. The direct inspiration comes from the shape of the Euganean Hills located between the cities of Padua and Vicenza. The warm waters emerging from the Albano and Montegrotto Terme are proof of the shallow magma movements that create such a striking natural landscape. How did you interpret the theme? M.D.L.: The scenography is the main protagonist of this area, accompanying visitors as they explore the Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life theme. Pavilion Zero offers a travel experience into the earth’s crust, via caves that have been rebuilt in almost total darkness, where at the center there is the "valley of civilization".

In what way do you communicate with visitors? M.D.L.: Visitors will have the novel experience of visiting the inside of the planet to learn about it from a new perspective. We are used to discussing the health of the planet in terms of air quality, the ozone and the soil, but we neglect the earth's crust, dark and impenetrable, of which we know very little. The UN's presence in Pavilion Zero Given the synergies between the theme of Expo Milano 2015 and the UN Theme, “The Zero Hunger Challenge. United for a Sustainable World”, Pavilion Zero is also a fundamental part of the UN Itinerary. A number of UN panels or stele will be located throughout Pavilion Zero informing visitors, in a simple storytelling style, about links between the concepts present in each of the rooms. The UN Stele will emphasize the strong link between the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and one of the UN mission: ensuring that all people have the access to safe and nutritious food to lead healthy and active lives, without compromising the needs of future generations. Pangea for Expo Milano 2015 Riva 1920 has created Pangea, a table of 80 sq.m that can be seen in Pavilion Zero. Designed by Michele De Lucchi, this piece takes its inspiration and its name from the supercontinent that united all the lands above sea level. Symbolic of the unity of all the countries linked by the universal theme of food, this project references a return to the planet’s origins and to its unity, free of state borders, prejudice, differences between one people and another. The top of the table is composed of 19 moulded pieces, all in ancient Kauri wood, thousands of years old, preserved in swamps in its native New Zealand; the supporting legs are made of recycled oak marker posts, retrieved from the lagoon of Venice. Riva 1920 has created an all-embracing experience, given meaning by the wisdom that comes from working with wood.

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