Pentagon House

Pentagon House

FMD Architects
Melbourne VIC, Australia
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Derek Swalwell

Pentagon House

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Pentagon House is an abstract re-interpretation and celebration of design elements from the original 1920’s Californian Bungalow. This extension in Melbourne’s south-east began with a complete update to the badly neglected existing interior and later expanded to a new Kitchen, Living & Deck extension to the rear. The motive was to create a home that sensitively combined the best elements of 1920’s design with modern style and comfort to suit the needs of a family.

The original house extensively features a pentagonal motif throughout the decorative timber work. This two-dimensional decorative shape is extruded into a three-dimensional form, uniting the old within the new. The raking gable ceiling rises up from the peak of the pentagon composing a sense of grandeur and volume, emanating the period nobility and detail of the original bungalow. The motif sets up a pattern language that is reinforced through all new elements of the home, from the large day bed window which is symmetrically placed on the rear wall of the new Family Room to frame a portal view to the garden, to the joinery shapes and cabinetry cutout pulls.

The new Family Room opens north on to a new angled timber deck, encouraging a lively family connection between the rich interior and the luscious rear garden. The north facing glazing and outdoor area provide excellent solar access and passive cross ventilation into the new living space.

The dark timber clad exterior to the new addition is an inversion of the original dark timber interior and is used as a device to create a balanced dialogue between the beauty of the brickwork and render of the original house and the new. A rich moody palette of dark timbers, truffle walls, natural stone & mirror extends through the home and delightfully compliments and reflects the original period detailing and warmth. The new Bathroom is finished in limestone and pastel green mosaic tiles, referencing the deco bathrooms of the 1920s.

The house reconsiders the original formal qualities of early century living and encourages a contemporary relaxed lifestyle to suit a modern small family. The rich interior and lavish gardens create a reprieve from busy urban life and create a balanced visual cohesion and a new dialogue between the past and present.

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