Penthouse Amsterdam

Penthouse Amsterdam

Jan-Evert De Brouwer
Amsterdam, Netherlands | View Map
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Penthouse Amsterdam

Jan-Evert De Brouwer as Architects

The triumph of the natural light is the key element of an elegant, cosmopolitan penthouse located on the amsterdam seafront.

A recent renovation by the architect Jan-Evert de Brouwer. The penthouse offers spectacular views of the Film Museum and the Amsterdam waterfront, thanks to a sequence of large windows. The remarkable brightness of the interior and a strict control of the volumes have guided the selection of the finishes, by virtue of their natural colours and the degree of light reflection.

The kitchen is connected to the living room through an airy open space and is composed as a multifunctional space fully equipped with the best technologies. The CEA kitchen tap in stainless steel with removable hand-shower guarantees functionality and hygiene thanks to the natural characteristics of the material.

Careful attention to the details of the bathroom guides the juxtaposition of materials such as wood, metal, steel, stone and concrete, defining the different functional areas. The pure steel of the CEA taps is elevated to a primary importance in the composition, while respecting the sober elegance of the design.

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Build completed in 2021
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