Petaling Jaya Commercial City

Petaling Jaya Commercial City


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Petaling Jaya Commercial City


In the area of Petaling Jaya, west of Kuala Lumpur, a great urban development is under way for the establishment of a new urban centre. The mixed use Petaling Jaya Commercial City show an innovative approach to the overall strategy of the development. It has strong design qualities, sensitivity to the surrounding environment and urban community and show environmental responsibility and future sustainability of the project. The entire site is master planned to be developed and treated as an accessible park for the public with landscaped plazas, water features and seating areas, providing valuable spaces for both office tenants and general public. The main design objective is to build an iconic green mixed use development that is contemporary in design and usage of materials, timeless in form and adaptable to system technologies changes. The concept of the fragmented circle is the recurring theme throughout the development. A circle when fragmented, generates a series of different shapes that uniform the general image of the whole master plan. The sail shaped buildings generate together a coherent strong architecture that overcomes the classic concept of commercial city and balance between every day business activities and leisurely pursuits. A holistic environmentally responsive design solution maximise the concept of energy efficiency and sustainability. Low energy systems and controls renewable resources are integrated with the building forms and site massing in order to reduce the reliance on delivered energy. The appropriate design of interiors will allow occupant control over their comfort and immediate environment with a high level of flexibility in use. Sustainability general design strategies of structure façade and building services will reduce the demand of energy whilst improving the users' health comfort and environment.

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