PFB Santa Fe

PFB Santa Fe

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People For Bikes is a place created and managed by cycling experts.

HRBT as Architects

The concept of the brand is to be a home instead of a shop, where visitors feel comfortable and always attended by a cyclist like themselves.

Thus, an image was created to reflect the principles of the company. On the one hand, a cozy place that evoked the comfort of a house was conceived, where anyone who enters feels as if they were in their own living room, relaxing comfortably with some antique furniture and old posters. Surrounding this space, bicycles racks and wheelable furniture allows for spatial flexibility and can be adapted to any type of product, from accessories, to garment and whole bikes, and be reconfigured easily according to the needs of the store. All these pieces of custom-made furniture double as storage spaces to counteract the lack of general storage of the shop.

Thanks to the available height of the premises, a mezzanine was incorporated for the bike maintenance facility and additional storage space on the upper level, while housing additional storage and offices, as well as the bike fit Retül (where bikes are tailor-fitted to each customer) on the ground floor. To create a lower ceiling, a metallic structure holds wooden elements, that incorporate lighting and resemble planters.

At the front of the store, matte-black steel Specialized brand furniture was incorporated to host multiple displays, so that bicycles can be shown and not obstruct visibility to the background.

The palette used comprises only three materials: concrete, white-washed brickwork and wood. The concrete on the floor and on the decks for durability and maintenance, because it is a place where bicycles and boxes constantly move. The white brick on the walls, gives it a vintage character. But the most important is the wood in the furniture and structure of the mezzanine. This structure follows the line of the brand, since it is a company committed with the environment by selling products that are a non-polluting mode of transportations and also incorporating sustainable construction materials that are local and responsibly sourced, laminated timber being the best way to store carbon, removing it from the atmosphere and turning it into beautiful sustainable buildings.

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