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studioLOOP as Architects

Plug is a house located in Gunma, Japan. This is a project for husband, wife, and a son. Location in the north is a road, the east is a neighboring house, the west and the south are fields. The fields fascinate us as a view. We proposed a plan that cuts out three corners excluding the southeast. This is also aimed at cost reduction by decreasing the floor area, but we thought that the view which can be seen by connecting the direction of the line of sight all around will change dramatically.


The entrance was made a large concrete floor, which has the northeast cut out full height window to illuminate the space and a staircase with a natural soft light, so that the husband's surfboard could be placed. Living, dining, kitchen space has a window slightly lower than the eye levels from the north to the west, and the green of the field connects in the line of sight. When it reaches the south, the ribbon windows became large window. Beyond that there is a deep wood deck where the ceiling of the living room sticks out as it is, and the deck jumps out to the beach of the field. The east end of the deck, the decking raise up to the roof to protect a privacy of bath room. On the 2nd floor, there is a large terrace that is surrounded by three bed rooms. This is a residence that carefully planned the balance of opening with emphasis on the characteristics of the land. 

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Toilet,Kitchen,Unit BathLIXIL
FlooringAtom Campany
Outside Galvalume wallIG KOGYO
Product Spec Sheet
Toilet,Kitchen,Unit Bath
Outside Galvalume wall
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