Pop+ Building
Nelson Kon
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Washbasin, Faucet with aerator for garden and tankDeca
Decamatic Eco
Vogue Plus Comfort
Vogue Plus
Locks La Fonte - Assa Abloy group
Set 607
Set 234
Set 892
Advanced Electronic Shower
Aqua Storm Ultra Electronic Shower
Porcelain, CeramicaPortobello S.A.
Arq Design Neve
Bauhaus Cement
Cuba Simples CS-40
Brise panelRefax
SS600P brise panel

Product Spec Sheet
Washbasin, Faucet with aerator for garden and tank
Vogue Plus, Vogue Plus Comfort, Standard, Ravenna, Decamatic Eco by Deca
Set 892, Set 234, Set 607 by La Fonte - Assa Abloy group
Aqua Storm Ultra Electronic Shower, Advanced Electronic Shower by Lorenzetti
Porcelain, Ceramica
Bauhaus Cement, Arq Design Neve by Portobello S.A.
Cuba Simples CS-40 by Mekal
Brise panel
SS600P brise panel by Refax

Pop+ Building

Andrade Morettin Associates as Architects

Pop+ enjoys a privileged condition in one of the highest sites in Vila Madalena, which allows its commercial rooms to enjoy privileged views of the surroundings. Additionally, the property has a beautiful arboreal park at the back of the lot, which will be reinforced by the landscaping project.

The implantation creates an entrance square under the building, which is fully connected to both the street and the park at the back of the lot. With variable ceilings, the square serves not only as a living area for users of the building, but also makes the visual connection between the park and the public space on the street.

To reinforce the importance of this square and to make its space more interesting, the structure was solved in such a way that there are no pillars in the corners of the building, creating amazing swings and providing a quite expressive volume for the building. Next to Girassol Street, these balances establish an emptiness that is designed so as to recall the typical profile of the landscape of the neighborhood. With a set of empty spaces, the volumetry of the building seeks to establish a relationship between the new building and the traditional constructions of the neighborhood: it is as if, under the main volume of the building, there remains, as a vestige, the emptiness left by the houses that once existed there.

The use of vertical sunshades, perforated sheet, around the volume, creates a protective envelope that gives unity and character to the building.


Material Used:
1. Refax - SS600P brise panel
2. Reka
3. Sto
4. Stamp
5. Formica - TS Outdoor Panel
6. Deca - Washbasin | Vogue Plus | L.51.17
7. Deca - Conventional basin with frontal opening | Vogue Plus Comfort | P.51.17
8. Deca - Oval built-in washbasin | L.37.17
9. Deca - Faucet with aerator for garden and tank | Standard | 1154.C39
10. Deca - Bowl for coupled box with horizontal outlet | Ravenna | P.900.17
11. Deca - Comfort table tap with automatic closing | Decamatic Eco | 1173.C.CONF
12. Deca - Tank with column | TQ02 CT25 ice white
13. Mekal - Simple Cuba | CS-40
14. Lorenzetti - Aqua Storm Ultra Electronic Shower
15. Lorenzetti - Advanced Electronic Shower
16. LaFonte - Set 892
17. LaFonte - Set 234
18. LaFonte - Set 607
19. Metal Grade - Metal grade floor
20. Portobello - Bauhaus Cement Porcelain
21. Portobello - Ceramica Arq Design Neve | 10x10cm | Snow color
22. Concresteel - Concrete floor tiles | Sanded | 60x60cm | Seated
23. Concresteel - Concrete floor tiles | Sanded | 120x120cm | Raised floor
24. Terracor - Limestone textured painting
25. Suvinil - Painting of the metallic structure | Platinum | RM039

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