Port Chemin Vert school

Port Chemin Vert school

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Sergio Grazia

Port Chemin Vert school

archi5 as Architects

This school is a bet of the future that contributes to the transformation of an industrial fallow into a real neighborhood. The school is the place of social and cultural development, by the diversity and the well being taking place here.


Towards the city, a golden metallic façade, playing on reflections and transparency, brings privacy to the place and gives its institutional character. It protects the most exposed facades to the south and west and follows the contours of the plot. Inside, facing the courtyard, the building has a circular shape with a curved facade totally glazed, open towards the mall. Vegetation strata progressively lead to the roof garden of the building.


A real garden with high stem plantations covers the school group roof.It is perceptible for all its environment. The urban envelope follows the parcel while the interior of the buildingand the roof garden keeps the circular shape of the courtyard.


It défines an enveloping and protective courtyard and opens itself to the horizon towards the pathway. The wide curve impresses its softness to the recreation spaces. The garden is the place where the idea of learning disappears in favor of discovery. It is observed and lived. It is the place where the senses express themselves, the interface of the discovery for all. In the school, you just have to go on the roof to contemplate the nature.


Material Used :

1. Gerflor - Flooring and sport flooring

2. Métal déployé –Façade metallic covering

3. Régent–Leisure center lights

4. Ferrari–Covering canvas of the courtyard roof

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Project Credits
Kitchen engineer
Landscape designer
Environmental engineer
Product Spec Sheet

Façade metallic coveringMETAL DEPLOYE SA
Covering canvas of the courtyard roofFerrari
Flooring and sport flooring Gerflor
Leisure center lightsREGENT LIGHTING
Product Spec Sheet
Façade metallic covering
Covering canvas of the courtyard roof
by Ferrari
Flooring and sport flooring
by Gerflor
Leisure center lights
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