Porto Pool Promenade - Proposal 2

Porto Pool Promenade - Proposal 2

Porto, Portugal

"Porto Pool Promenade Ideas Competition" Prosposal 2 in Porto, Portugal

o25 as Architects

Focusing on Porto's variety of activities, people spend a lot of time outdoors, affecting the usage of public spaces. Standing next to the historic Luis I Bridge this proposal aims to be a new place of public gathering enriched with events and atmospheres. The atmospheres arise by the city and its users. Relations are translated to fragments creating the proposal's form. The evolution of the design takes into consideration the people of Porto and promotes swimming. At the same time the design aims to raise awareness about the usage of Douro river. Using the site's potential and topography, the architectural language of the proposal evolves by the surroundings in an harmonic way. By giving the opportunity to touch the river and swim next to it, the design aims to create a new relationship with the water. The final outcome gives a flexible space ready to accept Porto's locals and tourists, a new attraction with 24h programs, open to day/night winter and summer.

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