Proyecto de Pintura de Fachada de Edificio Multifa

Proyecto de Pintura de Fachada de Edificio Multifa

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Proyecto de Pintura de Fachada de Edificio Multifamiliar Buenavista

Arquitectos Locales Perú as Architects

The client showed by Mrs. Tatiana representative of the board of owners and administrator of the Building in question, we asked for evaluation and to pay for the repainting works of the main facade of the building as well as the cleaning of the glass of the central box of the panoramic elevator located on the facade of it. In the same way we request the repainting of the main doors to the building located in the frontal fence and in the same way the pedestrian access and vehicular access to the parking areas and common areas of the multifamily building in question. Once the economic proposal has been accepted by the client, a visit to a couple of technical visits will be processed in which the final color of the facade would be defined, the materials will be used and the procedure that will include the cleaning of the front glass of the panoramic lift, the removal of safety glass on the terrace in one of the duplex apartments on the top floor that would be where the pulleys would be fixed to stabilize the scaffolding and finally the resane, sanded and painted two hands of the facade and the interior of the balconies of the same without entering the departments.

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