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Pub+ HQ

Shani Ring
Tel Aviv, Israel | View Map
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Hadrien Daudet

Pub+ HQ

Shani Ring as Architects

Located in the heart of Twl Aviv, Pub+ HQ offices reflect the character of the employees and the ambient of the company.

We sought to create a happy and unconventional colorful atmosphere. The main concept revolves around the unapologetic use of colors!

The key element of the design came from the wall-to-wall carpets selected for the office spaces (for acoustic reasons). As part of the design process, 5 different shades were chosen (purple, blue, green, yellow and gray) and each office had a different composition layout that combined large areas of color. The color that meets the wall continues on the wall in the same light tone shade. The use of color through the carpets and walls balanced the subtle office furniture.

In total, 10 different colors were used for the walls in the entire office. The result obtained dresses the space in an interesting way.

As part of the design, we chose a few dominant walls for a large scale site specific art murals by illustrator Shira Nok: behind the reception desk in the lobby, on 8-meter-wide walls in public areas, and as a backdrop for seating niches in the corridors.The color palette created from the selection of the carpets served us well as the color palette for the illustrations. Our brief to her was - be wild! Create a crazy world for us, one that is completely unreasonable and disruptive. Karate cats, Mexican wrestlers, a moon scene that includes squirrels and shawarma, a bipolar cat and more were created. We chose to bring to life two figures and turned them into neon lamps - a rabbit drinking juice hung on the cafeteria wall, and a David Bowie cat hung against the vegetation net in the long corridor.

The vegetation adds another touch to the colorfulness - hanging from a black iron mesh on the ceiling of the main conference room, climbing the wall of another conference room and along the corridor and dots of green scattered in the cafeteria.

The design of the cafeteria was as important as any other space, since we wished to create a space with a statement and character in itself. Two large islands covered with ceramics continuing to the floor, and resonates on the large pillars at the back. Black tables and above them elegant lighting fixtures. From the ceiling for acoustic beams emphasize the unique fan shape of the space and concrete countertops  add drama to the material palette of the project.

A combination of floor-ceiling partitions in black aluminum frames, concrete floor, oak woodwork and a wide color palette has created a multifaceted, inviting and inspiring space for long office work days.

The color block intensity appears agaib in the restrooms - each toilet room has a distinctive color, with green, blue and pink terrazzo tiles and matching colors.


Material Used:
1. Flooring: carpets: Tarkett
2. Interior lighting: Kamchi
3. Interior furniture: Sits
4. Countertops: Ceaserstone

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Product Spec Sheet

Interior lightingKamchi Light
Interior furnitureSITS
Product Spec Sheet
by Tarkett
Interior lighting
Interior furniture
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