Examine the specific places is to say that the issue is not so much how to protect assets, but how to use this heritage to consider the foundations of new landscapes . The originality of Raon Step is its green heart , along the Meurthe . It is precisely this extraordinary wealth of the town that comes to reveal the winning design by the city after markets simultaneous definition . As such, an area of intervention was retained : the urban over the Meurthe yesterday dormant. It is a territory that overlaps enhance public spaces and natural areas in a confrontation that could permanently seal its fate . Parce Territory that occupies a strategic position that unites the various entities that make up the town of Raon Step and thus covers the entire municipality. Parce That this area used to develop, strengthen and secure new modes of travel, offering a real alternative to the hegemony of the automobile. Parce That this area is likely to be the support for recreation and tourism. Finally because it can extend, continue and expand the links between the new development , the city of the future and the heritage city .

This device we proposed the decline in time and in space, the first installment noticed by the management of the Monitor in 2009 triggered a second step in which the project was completed price.

The proposed development is part of the geography of the city in " highlighting " with great economic effect to specific places and atmospheres . And if , in the continuity of the city center, the first installment says the centrality by its rigor and mineral straightness, continued development helps reinforce the natural landscape and rivicole leaving : There a wide range to promote the development of leisure and relaxation while recreating flood expansion areas. And here installing soft path to strengthen the links and registration of banks in the practices of residents. Fi nally introducing preventive and selective management ripysilve will encourage the natural stability of the banks , limit erosion while diversifying and enriching the specific flora riverbanks . Climate change, land pressure , soil sealing, our valleys are experiencing difficult times . With the emergence of these problems , 70 have favored the tightening of banks , channelization , planting in what banks ... banks ? These solutions have the problem of delayed upstream to downstream , locating more precisely , to the field at the center of risk urbanized areas . Our work on the banks of the Meurthe , helped implement a more contemporary approach : do not stop the river but encourage its expansion. Surely this is some m3 but have water droplets that are overflowing vases .

The lighting project has various requirements : development of a planning and definition of nocturnal atmosphere , security role , environmental protection and energy saving. The issue of sustainable development is the foundation of the lighting project Raon step . The minimalist desired for this project has led to limited lightness on the bright places and defend the presence of gray areas in the city center : Meurthe itself such remains black and becomes the support reflections . The lighting project Raon Step solves the paradox of our time: make a night of comfort space and identity in the development while ensuring a " minimum energy " ie : • optimize consumption at the facility -large luminous efficiency of equipment, glare control , adequacy of fire heights and lengths of lacrosse to limit the number of spots ...- • limit the maintenance -choice sources very long life, differentiated to increase the longevity of the plant lighting systems ...- • use of materials, wooden masts for example , the manufacture and delivery have a powerful environmental profile.

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Oxford Brookes University John Henry Brookes and Abercrombie Building
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Oxford Brookes University John Henry Brookes and Abercrombie Building

Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane, Oxford, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2014
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