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Realizzazione complesso residenziale

Realizzazione complesso residenziale

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Realizzazione complesso residenziale

P!STUDIO as Architects

The idea of a pedestrian space, strongly influenced by the proximity of the nursery school whose main entrance faces directly onto object of intervention's area, was born by the need to adapt the existing space and facilitate the stop along Via dei Pini, in Empolitano neighborhood of Tivoli’s city.

The situation before the intervention consisted of an area without a specific usage, consisting of a formless asphalt space where it was necessary to defend himself from the wild parking, and of a slcarp in a neglect state along Via dei Pini. The difficulties of using space were evident by metal barriers placed near the school’s entrance and signs asking people not to park in front of the shops in order to allow at least the loading and the unloading of goods.

The town of Tivoli, given the demands of citizens, asked the redevelopment of the area. Initially, they were provided three proposals discussed at the planning commission, in order to find the best solution, both for the roads and for the social aspect, involving, for the economic part, also the region Lazio. Financing of the project was addressed, 70% from Lazio region and the remaining 30% from Tivoli's town.

The pedestrian space has been designed fit for children: the dunes and paths shape the square turning it into a fun place where children can play safely under the watchful eyes of parents and, at the same time, they become elements of separation and prevented vehicular access . The floor is covered with round pebbles with a diameter of 5/6 cm color natural mixed placed on a plane sand and cement, while along the main passage has been provided for the use of light travertine with non-slip surface.

The pedestrian surface modeling has provided a game of dunes, realized in work, with variable height from the ground by a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 90 cm. The dunes with height less were placed in the perimeter areas and act as deterrents obstructing the passage of the machines inside the square. On top of the higher ones have been created flowerbeds where they have been planted ornamental cherry trees (Prunus Pissardi), particularly suited to create a shady place, helping to break in the hottest periods without obstructing the view from the windows of the surrounding buildings. At the base of the highest dune was installed a circular wooden bench that surrounds partially. In the central area, a dune made negative, becomes a depression 25 cm dept compared to the decking, allowing the harvesting and runoff of rainwater of the square.

The small area addresses the need for pedestrianize the entering kindergarten through a fun and playful space, a highly distinctive urban crop that will engage citizens by facilitating their socialization. This intervention allowed the residents of the neighborhood to have a space of socialization and play for children after school and during the rest of the day. At the same time the solution of the waves made it possible to eliminate the classic roadside between pedestrian and vehicular area so that wheelchair users can access it from anywhere, having on each side the pedestrian pavement at the same level of the asphalt area. Finally he was able to give back this space to residents, eliminating the illegal parking. In addition, the project also calls for the construction of a sidewalk that connects this pedestrian area to another existing school on the same street. The characterization of the pedestrian area has helped eliminate the state of degradation of this space, insistent inside a housing complex of affordable and popular housing, giving him the right urban decor. A great satisfaction was to see the children, out of school, play and chase each other on the dunes with parents who were able to observe them without risk. This area, now easily recognizable, as well as giving safe exit from kindergarten, has also become an urban space where you can socialize and children to play.

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