Residential building in Poznań

Residential building in Poznań

Ultra Architects
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Dawid Majewski

Residential building in Poznań

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This is a residential building located in the corner of Sokoła and Generała Maczka Streets in Poznań. It complements post-war urban structure which refers to downtown quarter development. However, it is located outside the city center, which means that we had very strict rules about natural light in apartments to follow. While working on this project we tried to not take the light from our neighbors and, at the same time, to let as much natural light into our apartments as possible. This is the reason why we needed to cut the last two floors a little, giving the building a characteristic shape. The cuts have been underlined with the dark color of the plaster and we also used them to arrange the terraces of adjoining flats. All of the terraces are wooden, completed with decorative grasses and trees in uniquely designed pots. The building has three staircases with elevators. It is planned on U-shape on the plot.

Material Used :

1. Mevaco – Expanded Mesh (on balconies)

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Product Spec Sheet

Expanded Mesh (on balconies)Mevaco
Product Spec Sheet
Expanded Mesh (on balconies)
by Mevaco
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