Residenze Campari

Residenze Campari

Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, Italy
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Residenze Campari

Cristiana Vannini as Interior Architects

The Campari Towers are situated in the Sesto San Giovanni area in North Milan, in a strategic location with a wealth of amenities that is 18 minutes from Piazza Duomo on the metro. It is on a thoroughfare that offers quick links to the nearby motorways without being too close for comfort. A broad green landscape of gardens and lawns can be seen from the large terraces of the penthouses at the Campari Towers. A little further on, there are views of the terrace gardens that cover the entire building complex of the Campari offices. The Towers look out onto the exquisite art nouveau façade of the old Campari factory.


The development has a highly symbolic appearance, with four big towers of a monumental nature. They break up the urban continuum and offer a glimpse through incisions of the complex splicing of pure brick volumes with a powerful material impact that are sliced open by the light, broad expanses of glazing in the penthouses. The red hue of the bricks makes the towers stand out from the surrounding urban landscape. The revival of this distinctive morphological feature allows the architecture to interact with the setting, its history and its traditions.


With its climbing arches that are firmly rooted in the ground, the roof of the lobby establishes the elevational pattern followed by the garden as it slopes down to the reflecting pool. This slender, shimmering expanse of water adds a touch of lightness and transparency to its surroundings, which are dominated by the red hues of the buildings and the greenery of the Villa Alta grounds and the terrace gardens. The masterful array of openings and fleeting views slices through the volumes and binds together the buildings, revealing significant relationships between the forms of the architecture and the orographical features of the setting, as well as between the materials and the light, and the technique and culture of construction.



For the penthouses at the Campari Towers, we conceived unique settings in different contemporary interior design styles. They are just a few proposals among the many customization options that the architect can offer for these magnificent homes.


The interior design system covers two spheres: spatial/formal and psychological/interpretative. It matches personality profiles with six home styles. This has led to a range of depictions, each of which focuses on an overhauled identity that espouses the past in the present, while opening up to the future. It is a future in which we can aspire to a more conscientious and harmonious approach to living. Moretti Real Estate is catering to what it expects will be a growing trend of increasingly tailor-made approaches to living.


Modern Living - Sharing and empathy Are you a sociable person who likes spending time with people and is happy to have a friendly chat with practically anyone? You share your feelings with others and prefer to see the best side of everyone. Just like your character, your home is warm, inviting and welcoming, but also modern, practical and functional at the same time. There are light colours in the delicate, intimate surroundings, which can be complemented by artworks and fine art reproductions.. Minimal Techno - Looking to the present and the future Are you a dynamic kind of person? You are an intense figure who is constantly striving for success and you are often completely absorbed in your work and countless other activities. You are determined and make quick decisions.


You have no qualms about speaking your mind and you take an enthusiastic approach to everything that you do. You live in a functional, unembellished environment with a delicate, refined atmosphere that makes quite an impression.


It is a cutting-edge, automated home. Neo Design - Nourishing the spirit Is your distinguishing feature your freedom of mind? You are someone who likes to keep track of global events and your interests range well beyond your specific area of expertise. You reject labels and pigeonholing, indeed you openly challenge and go against them because you want to protect your intellectual freedom. You like your home to be bold and unconventional. It is open to the artistic avant-garde and features striking colours and unstructured settings that have a slightly “open space” feel to them.

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