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Restaurant Aan Zee Oostvoorne

Restaurant Aan Zee Oostvoorne

Emma architecten
Oostvoorne, Netherlands | View Map
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Emma architecten

AluK Benelux

Restaurant Aan Zee Oostvoorne

Emma architecten as Architects

In a dune nature reserve bordering the second maasvlakte land reclamation project rises a new restaurant: ‘Aan Zee´ It is a new type of restaurant. It is autarkic in many ways. It uses sun, wind, wood fire, natural convection and the earth itself as sources for energy, heating, cooling, ventilation, water purification and waste water management. The cook works with a wood burn stove only, and uses ingredients from local farmers and fishermen. The personnel is dressed in natural fibre clothing, the furniture and tableware are made from recycled/renewable products. The building itself can be fully dismantled and is re-usable both as a building as on a level of materials. The design project included landscaping, building, installations, interior design and design of food, menu, styling, graphics, clothing and specials.

A wooden wall curves up from the dunes, it curles up to form a watchtower. The wood is layered and in fixed in overlapping small elements on the façade and roofline. The untreated local wood has been cooked to withstand the elements without chemical treatments, varnish or paint. It will change colour over the years, and differently in each direction. The wind and sun will colour this building, making it a micro climate report in the sand. This wooden wall encloses the restaurant space, together with an all glass curved façade, aimed at the astonishing views towards the sea. The back of house is made up from concrete standard issue basements, buried under the sand.

The construction time was limited to only four months due to a no building law during storm season and breeding season. It has been mostly montage work of prefabricated building elements. Aan Zee opened in December 2011 and has since been widely published, received awards, and served many wonderful meals to satisfied customers.


AluK Benelux as Manufacturers

Restaurant Aan Zee is a sustainable restaurant on the coast of Oostvoorne (NL). The Restaurant not only offers wonderful meals, but information about the local area too. Luna wood laminate is placed in small sections on the façade. Finally, the building has been designed to be easily dismantled, and that the materials can be reused or recycled. For the glass façade, the SL50 curtain wall system was used to achieve maximum opening on the exterior.

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