Return - The storage of natural life

Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture as Architects

Human nature and our city? One man is the essence of nature.

The world in which we are living is nothing more than a tangible and intangible expression of what we build. The urban residents have been in a tangled puzzle in an effort to make the world and the living environment better and better. However, the results are not always as expected.

What is really happening to the cities where we are living in? Rapidly and out-of-control changes to the cities is becoming too chaotic that make people wonder themselves ‘what is the original, true look of our habitat and what is that we really want?’. A good human live is a life in accordance with nature. Sometimes it is important to understand the nature of the cities where we live rather than what they were used to be in the past or how they would need to become in the future.

The civilisation of human being is increasing every day and on the way towards the civilisation, they have lost themselves. A civilised human not just loses his balance, but also is not happy with the mismatch between civilised life and human nature. Equipped with the desire and the ambition to move forward, human takes possession of the nature and decided that what they have created is way better then what the nature offers. Human lives with the belief that the world is their own property.

Over time, the places (cities) where we live in are continuously and rapidly changing. Nothing lasts forever. Naturally everything is inevitably and rapidly changing, from one form to the other form that could be better and more convenient. The places where we live in are not exceptional. We are aiming at moving towards to a modernised and sustainable living habitat. This does not mean that we can make it exist forever. However, what we could do is to make it change as continuously, smoothly as possible, on a solid foundation, clear vision and good orientation on what we can control.

Human and places/cities co-exist. Therefore, places/cities cannot be sustained if human don’t make it sustainable and don’t use it sustainably. Human nature is flexible and changeable according to circumstances but instincts never change. Every citizen in the place/city has always confronted and faced with the issues of new construction or renovation, so not having a specific strategy made for himself a people problem the "home" of their own. And when there isn't have a direction, or a sense of thinking, people will be temptted by the profits. When they become rich,the ability to present his authority will rise. Because of this reason, the skyscraper is rised, the public space is become a place exploited trafficking, the squareis turned into traffic islands... Each individual has his own way to deal with each issue that he faces with. Pressure on large population and social management are a challenge to the urban authorities. Within a large city, an ill-positioned and inefficent airport was closed an outmoded, replacing it with a new one in more appropriate location. The old airport will transform from blight to opportunity. A spacious voids is aim to provide the city a wide range of potential options to promote city development or addressing the strong issue of our city.

Do we decide to build? From lost space, the urban voids become areas of strategic rethinking of the urban infrastructure system. Suddenly there is a huge gap, what we thought at first about what we want to do is planning and building one new city modern and comfortable than where we current living. But it's actually more comfortable? The city paradox still exists where most people live and still not be resolved increasingly stifling. An airport is closed, here is an opportunity for us to give back to the area the possibilities they have got and also help us regain what was forgotten.

To deal with vulnerable city today, and take advantage of a rare opportunity to get a large vacant land located right in the heart of the city , the antithesis of the city state 's existence surrounding property , we propose a strategy to return the land of natural capital , and so the city can exist simultaneously is an essential part and parallel development with nature.

This project is to discourse on solving the problems of the city. The whole area of the airport was used as a enormous transfer station of the city. This hub is a space multi-functional and extremely flexible intermediate.

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