Rio La Piedad

Taller 13 Arquitectura Regenerativa as Architects

The project of regenerating the rivers of Mexico City is a project we´ve been envisioning through this exciting last years of research and practice at Taller13 Arquitectura Regenerativa as an essential part of the regenerative projects we are proposing for Mexico City.

This dream we have been pushing has a holistic strategy for the different subjects and the different scales and sectors in which the proposal would have a direct impact in the city.

Through an understanding of the place and by recognizing the vocation of each of these places we will be able to generate new forms of thinking about the city we inhabit, and will also allow us as inhabitants of this City and the Anahuac Watershed to coevolve with their natural cycles through the next years.

With an integrated design process we´ll design and propose a pilot project for the restoration of River La Piedad taking advantage of the vocation this place had years ago when it had the ability to gather the community and worked as a biological corridor.

The main idea of the project consists of the restoration of the Rio La Piedad from its origin in the urban part of upper Cuajimalpa to the part where it ends at the zone of the international airport, on the other hand this proposal contemplates also a linear park with different spaces along the river with different activities and programs that will complement each of the vocations along the street we know as viaducto.

---- At an urban level the project offers a new axis of mobility east / west in 2 ways at each side of the river. Each side of the river will be conformed by 2 lanes for private cars, 1 lane for public transport (metrobus, electrical transport, etc.), 1 lane for bicycle path (in both ways) and a runner conformed by different spaces to different activities.

The project also offers an integral system for managing water at many stages from harvesting to treatment, reusage and infiltration.

For the biological corridor we are planning to reintroduce endemic species in the ecosystem to give back this biodiversity the ecosystem had lost during these last years.

The spaces that will conform the corridor will have different activities and uses, some spaces for contemplation, recreation, education, production, outdoor forums, and others for cultural activities that that will enhance the interaction between the community.


The Function To regenerate the rivers in its urban part at a first stage.

The Being In such a way that generates education, participation, biodiversity, a new culture in relation to the water and to the place.

The Proposal To change an expired model of city and to improve our quality of life.

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