Ronald McDonald Centre

Ronald McDonald Centre

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Build completed in 2010
Luuk Kramer

Ronald McDonald Centre

Fact Architects as Architects

The Ronald McDonald Centre is a special sport complex designed in a way that the disabled children can focus on what they can, everyone here is champion. The terrain and buildings are grandstand and sports function at the same time. Everyone here is both athlete and audience. The center of the complex is the clubhouse, which is wedged between the two oval arenas, which are sunk in the elevated terrain and surrounded by trees and grandstand stairs. The clubhouse is for parents and children to meet, to eat and drink, watch movies and play. The clubhouse offers views of all outdoor and indoor activities. A clubhouse and grandstand in one. The clubhouse, trees and grandstand stairs around the arenas provide a sense of an ever-present audience. The Centre has many innovations as pools with movable floors, drowning detection system, lockers with fingerprint recognition and world’s first sports floor with LED lines. The Centre is built according to the guidelines of NOC * NSF. The entire project is made possible by sponsoring and donations from all parties involved. From advisors and contractors to material suppliers.

Excellent sportcomplex

Tata Steel as Manufacturers

The Ronald McDonald Centre in Amsterdam is one of the contenders on theDutch Hedy d'Ancona Prize 2012 for outstanding care architecture. This competition brought this sport facility for children and youngsters with disabilities back into the spotlight. Tata Steel was among the parties allowed to contribute by donating materials. For example over 1200m² of highly corrosion resistant Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® has been used in the ceiling of the pool area .


The construction of the main building is formed by a steel frame with an open column structure. For fire safety the hollow section columns are filled with reinforced concrete . The 90 feet span over the pool and the gym was made using a framework tapering to the front. Through the façade, the composite girders of the first floor switch over to the roof surface in a flowing, rounded line. The curves are formed by curved U-profiles and SAB-profile steel interior roof cladding. The façade is finished with sleek modular panels.


The pool and sports hall have large ceiling surfaces. The structure of the ceiling package gives the room a homogeneous appearance. The pool ceiling consists of SAB-profile interior roof cladding, type 106R + / 750, made from Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® Black. Because of its high resistance to the effects of pool chemicals and moisture, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra is ideally suited for applications in swimming pools. An expanded metal grid is suspended from the ceiling. In the intermediate space lighting and equipment are included. The same ceiling construction is applied in other areas, such as the gymnasium as well.

The whole project was possible by sponsorship and donations from all interested parties such as consultants, builders and suppliers of building materials and raw materials. Tata Steel being one of these parties. This corporation resulted in this unique high-quality complex. The nomination for the Hedy d'Ancona Prize 2012 is confirmation of that. On June 1st, 2012, the winner will be announced.

Ronald Mc Donald Centre Only Friends

Hunter Douglas Architectural as Manufacturers

Unique sports and play center for children with disabilities In Amsterdam North you can find the first sports and game center in Western Europe for children with a disablity : Ronald McDonald Centre Only Friends . Children and youngsters up to 25 years with a mental or physical disability or chronic illness can enjoy sports and games . The Ronald McDonald Centre also serves as a training company for RIC.

The surrounding areas and buildings are simultaneously Sports features and grand stands . Everyone here is athlete ànd audience. The clubhouse , trees and stairs around the arenas provide the feeling of ever-present audience : Here, everyone is a champion!

The center is the clubhouse that lays between the two oval arenas, surrounded by the grand stands and trees. Here, one can meet , play together , eat, drink , watch movies. In addition, the clubhouse offers a perfect view to all outdoor and indoor activities

This unique sports and play center was designed by Peer Glandorff (FACT Architects ) who has won the BNA Young Architect Award for this design.

Luxalon® Stretch Metal (4700 m²) of Hunter Douglas was choosen as ceiling solutions, ideal where high acoustic absorption is required or where there is a need for visual or physical transparency of the ceiling. Also ideal for situations where regular maintenance or service is required on installations in the plenum. Hunter Douglas also provided Exterior Ceilings type 300L (1800 m²). These 300 mm large panels are treated with Luxacote® that enhances the durability of exterior aluminium building applications. Its strenght and efficiency comes from a powerfull 3-layered system that consists of an anorcoat pre-treatment, a colour coating and a transparant topcoat.


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