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Project • By Eventscape Inc.Stadiums

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Eventscape was contracted to engineer, fabricate and install an amazing custom aluminum and steel interior metal “curtain” wall for the renovation of the Cleveland Cavaliers Arena which covers a surface area of 65,000 square feet. This extremely complex, 80-foot tall feature wall was made up of approximately 4000 brake-formed panel sections, each one unique. Each of the panels were secured by edge fins which tie back to outriggers on a ring beam. The ring beam ties back to the building structure and provides the overall faceted and reticulated form of the curtain geometry. This stunning project was completed ahead of time, on budget with the attention to detail, high level of craftsmanship and precision that Eventscape applies t... More
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Project • By Urban FrameSports Centres

Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence

The birth of the idea to initiate a centre for sports excellence by the promotor, was to create a facility wherein an athlete receives ample opportunities to excel in the sports they choose. It was always about interdisciplinary learning, about understanding your body and mind better, and enhance the sports ecosystem from the aspect of the facility, coaching, sports science,  sports management and leadership.   Celebrating India's accelerated growth in Sports, CSE promotes the approach of sports for all. Having Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Shooting, and Athletics, along with sports science, kinesiology, physiotherapy and hostels in one campus.    A pivotal aspect of the plann... More

Project • By Footprint ArchitectsSports Centres

Stokewood Leisure Centre

Footprint Architects were commissioned to provide an extension to an existing leisure centre in Bournemouth for BH Live. The proposal improves the facilities for the gyms existing members, providing space for additional equipment and classes, whilst allowing the client to keep up with its commercial competitors. The extension is clad in charred timber cladding, providing a varied palette of natural textures and tones in response to the surrounding pines, whilst concealed glazing minimises overlooking and the noise impact upon the surrounding area. This contextual design approach allows the extension to sit comfortably with the existing locally listed building. More

Project • By NOZ ArquitecturaSports Centres

PUMP Nações

PUMP gyms fit into the "smart cost" category. The challenge is to create spaces with architectural quality investing in design and modern feel, keeping constant the premise of finding more economic ways to do so. The original design / concept was fully developed by NOZ.The PUMP Gyms' identity is strengthened by the intuitive, functional and simple way of organizing the space layout. The Nações gym has two levels, the ground level, with a double height space, operates as reception area in direct contact with the street and the upper level for most of the activity areas. The element of connection - the stairs - becomes the main actor of this space, revealing the young and daring identity and the dynamics of the activity of a gym.The colour pa... More

Project • By Beck + Oser ArchitektenSports Centres

Training Centre Chöpfli

The service building of the sports ground „Chöpfli“ is placed on the field between existing car park and forest and consists of two buildings, shifted to each other. This allows a reaction to the particularities of the situation. On the one hand the access from the car park and the orientation to the playing fields are spatially articulated, on the other hand the level differences can be settled with the rear walls of the buildings. The pedestal unites the ensemble into one unit an creates two high quality outside spaces.  The canopies of the two building parts are defining a weather-protected area from which the different rooms can be accessed separately when needed. Four changing rooms with shower, changing room for referee and... More

Project • By Lahdelma & Mahlamäki ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Notski - Heinola Upper-Secondary School

Notski is the winning competition entry for a 4660m2 upper-secondary school in Heinola by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects. Aside from its core focus of learning the school also is to become a social hub for the community – housing civic activities, youth culture and community sports. Flexible learning and activity spaces pivot outwards from a core social space that links all the programmes together. The classrooms themselves, designed with pedagogic experts, are optimised to cater for the different learning situations that the students would find themselves in throughout their school career. Notski sits in the heart of Heinola, a secluded Finnish town of around 20,000 inhabitants, surrounded by a patchwork of islands, lakes and forests... More

Project • By Kraaijvanger Sports Centres

Zwemcentrum Rotterdam

Swimming in an office? In the middle of the city? Between shops, city hall, restaurants and wellness? As of Friday 23rd of February 2018 this is officially possible. At 12am city council member Visser opened Swimming Venue Rotterdam. Kraaijvanger Architects designed the plan for this unique sustainable transformation from office to swimming pool in commission of Consortium Hart van Zuid (Ballast Nedam & Heijmans). Children, adults and top athletes are welcome for swimming lessons, sport – and recreational swimming and - with the 50-meter pool - for official international competitions. The exterior of the building remains recognizable for the neighborhood, because the design consists out of characteristic parts that remain intact between... More

Project • By LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]Secondary Schools


CONTEXT: The gym pavilion is built inside the plot of an existing school located at the south border of Jaraiz de la Vera, being accessible from an end-of-line street from Constitucion Avenue. Parallel to the north boundary of the plot, the new gym pavilion location responds to a double intention: - to maintain the biggest area available dedicated to playground linked with both the existing school and the new pavilion. - to deal with the new street at the north and the future green area of the town . In this way, a natural pedestrian connection from the town center is created, providing vehicular access and enabling school bus park area from the whole valley within a quiet street, making the access safer and more pleasant for the s... More

Project • By LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]Secondary Schools


Enabling the improvement of the existing "Quercus" State Secondary School facilities, the scheme organizes the exterior area of the School, providing play spaces and a new gym pavilion. Located at the highest level of the north border of the town of Malpartida de Plasencia, the site has is a significant level change of 17 m across it. Landscaping: the brief includes a new vehicular access from the Town Center as well as a new external playground area and a 22 x 44m sport court. The aim has been to create a high quality landscape by enabling better connections between the town, the existing school building and the new gym pavilion, making the area more pleasant and accessible for the students. The design creates a geometrical layout of... More

Project • By Fact ArchitectsSports Centres

Ronald McDonald Centre

The Ronald McDonald Centre is a special sport complex designed in a way that the disabled children can focus on what they can, everyone here is champion. The terrain and buildings are grandstand and sports function at the same time. Everyone here is both athlete and audience. The center of the complex is the clubhouse, which is wedged between the two oval arenas, which are sunk in the elevated terrain and surrounded by trees and grandstand stairs. The clubhouse is for parents and children to meet, to eat and drink, watch movies and play. The clubhouse offers views of all outdoor and indoor activities. A clubhouse and grandstand in one. The clubhouse, trees and grandstand stairs around the arenas provide a sense of an ever-present... More

Product • By REGUPOL BSW GmbHRegupol® Running Tracks

Regupol® Running Tracks

Regupol® athletic tracks maintain a top position among synthetic floors, which are of prime importance for many of the world's athletes. They are manufactured in accordance with the IAAF quality criteria and the DIN 18035-0 directives for synthetic surfaces in outdoor sports grounds.Regupol® running tracks are suitable for both international professional sports as well as for school and company sports. Their material composition was developed in accordance with physical sports requirements and incorporates a balance between speed, non-slip qualities and shock absorption exactly turned for athletes physical constitutions. Regupol® synthetic tracks create the ideal conditions for training and competition for athletes around the w... More

Project • By Pedra Silva ArquitectosSports Centres

Fitness club in the hotel Ritz

This health club interconnects directly to the Spa in the renowned Hotel Ritz in Lisbon. Located on the rooftop of the Hotel, this health club shares one of the most magnificent views over the city of Lisbon. Using a minimalistic approach in an architectural medium, the resulting space is of an exceptional standard and is today a reference for spaces of this nature in the city of Lisbon. More

Project • By CannonDesignUniversities

Learning Center at Northern Arizona University

Originally conceived as a $34 million expansion project to add health programs to the existing recreation center, Northern Arizona University’s Health and Learning Center project evolved to include a complete overhaul of Lumberjack Stadium and two floors of much needed state-of-the-art classrooms—incorporating the school’s holistic health philosophy into course curricula. Consolidating the program elements into this $83.2 million, 287,650 sf expansion and renovation project is estimated to have saved the university $12 million. The Health and Learning Center is the largest capital improvement project undertaken in NAU’s history, and is pursing LEED Gold certification. The "fusion" building houses a 56,600 sf student health clinic inc... More

Project • By 3DReidSports Centres

National Indoor Arena & Velodrome

We are delivering the showpiece for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The project provides two distinctly separate arenas under one roof. The arena and velodrome are linked by a 34m x 80m connecting buidling, which includes offices for the National Sport Federations. More

Project • By Skidmore, Owings & MerrillUniversities

Syracuse University - Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center

The Carmelo K. Anthony project will be the first phase of the new Lampe Athletic Complex Master Plan, recently completed by the SOM Education Lab. The Melo Center will serve as the training and learning facility for the Syracuse University men's and women's basketball programs. The facility will also include a state-of-the-art training center, weight-training center, multi-media classrooms, and offices for the men's and women's basketball coaches. The accommodation of cutting-edge training facilities and the provision of two full-size practice courts will distinguish this building as a top basketball training center in the NCAA and in the country. In addition, innovative sustainable measures designed into the building will allow it to r... More